The Empress tarot card meanings upright and reversed

3 The Empress Tarot Card Meanings – The Lady – Upright



The Empress general tarot card meanings


The Empress tarot card is all about motherhood and abundance. She has plenty to give, share and has the gift of nurturing and caring. This is a tarot card of fertility in any way and can represent a pregnancy. The Empress can be seen as an earth mother and represents growth and material abundance.

The number 3 is connected to the empress card and is about growth and abundance. The number 3 also symbolize groups of people and your position in a group of people. Read more about tarot & numerology.

It is a very earth oriented card. Nature could be represented by the Empress tarot card. It is a card of creativity and the Empress is able to give birth to something long lasting and beautiful like a loving and caring relationship or a baby or project. The Empress is attractive by her abundance but this card does not simply represents wild sex. It is not a card for passionate sex like the suit of wands because the Empress isn’t so much about wild passion but it is all about fertility and creativity.

The Empress as feelings and in love readings

This tarot card represent feelings of wanting to take care of someone. Also loving and nurturing feelings fit with this card, esprecially when it shows up for your feelings towards the other party.

When the feelings of someone else for you is represented by the Empress they could you as their long term partner. The Empress as feelings is not just a fling. This Major Arcana card with the element earth is very stable and long lasting.

The Empress tarot card could also represent someones wife or a mother figure in a relationship reading. Especially when there a lot of number 3 tarot cards in the reading you need to know how many people are involved in this subject of the reading.

The Empress job and career, business and finances


When the Empress tarot card shows up for a project there are many possibilities with this project. The possibilities of this project will be fertile. Many people make profit in this project. This project will be successfull over a longer period of time.

As a job the Empress could be a creative job like being an artist who is giving birth to their art. Also farming and growing plants are jobs that have to do with the fertility of the empress. The art of the Empress is more crafty than fine arts which is more represented by the element water.

The Empress represents situations that relate to abundance.

The Empress as outcome and advice

  • fertility
  • loving and caring
  • nurturing
  • femininity
  • pregnancy
  • nature, growing, growth
  • beauty
  • a fertile love relationship


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3 The Empress Tarot Card Meanings – The Lady – Reversed


The Empress reversed could show that you have to put more love and care in a project or relationship.

When a mother becomes smothering the child might experience a lack of development and growth because there is not enough space to grow.

The energies and qualities of the Empress tarot card aren’t well-developed in the reversed position.So for example you might not see the abandance and tend to lhink in lack. The Empress reversed asks you to see and value what you have because there is some kind of blindness to it at the moment.

The Empress reversed can symbolize suppressed femininity. This can be an expression of behaviour of a person or situation. An example of suppressing femininity can be a situation where it is not appropriate to express your feelings. When you work in a place where there are only men around and you feel like expressing your feminine side but it isn’t possible or appropriate. The Empress reversed is in this situation not in her element. Als in situations of abuse the Empress reversed could indicate a lack of creaitive expression of any kind.

The Empress reversed as outcome and advice

  • infertility
  • being co-dependent from your mother. This could become interdependency.
  • having difficulties with expressing love and affection
  • be empathic and think of other people as well
  • smothering
  • lack of growth, under-development
  • caring for others and not enough for yourself
  • unplanned pregnancy


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