The Emperor tarot card meanings upright and reversed

4 The Emperor Tarot Card Meanings – The Lord – Upright


Where the Empress is symbolizing aspects of motherhood, the Emperor tarot card is symbolizing the father principle. He is a leading figure, an authority. Number 4 is about stability and a solid foundation.

Where the kings run a kingdom the Emperor runs a whole empire. The Emperor has (next to the Empress) the highest position in the hierarchy. The 4 kings in tarot run a kingdom in their way. The Emperor tarot card is about commandment in any way.

The Emperor card is about planning, organizing, structure and strategies. The Empress is about change inside of yourself and the Emperor is more about changes outside of yourself to manage.

The number 4 is about stability, security, safety and need to keep your life in balance. Read more about tarot & numerology.

The Emperor as feelings and in love readings

The emperor can indicate fatherhood and the masculine role in a relationship. When the emperor tarot card shows up in your tarot reading about someone, it could be that this refers to their husband. The emperor could also refer to the father of your children.

If the emperor shows up as someones feelings towards you, they feel like they are your steady partner. They take on the “masculine role” in the relationship. So for example if your reading is about a man who is physically not in the condition to work and his wife is taking on this role, she could be appearing in the reading as the emperor.

The Emperor  job and career tarot readings

The emperor is the one who is taking charge and often represents an authority. So in regard to job, career and business the emperor could indicate your employer for example. The emperor is the one who is taking the lead. He is taking all the repsonsibilities.

If there are rules needed in a company or at home the emperor upright knows how to make fair rules that are achievable. The emperor tarot card indicates planning and organizing on a bigger scale.

The Emperor as outcome and advice

  • father figure
  • authority
  • stability
  • planning, organizing, structures
  • when you change inside you have to change things outside of yourself as well
  • rules and regulations, law and order
  • the mind is ruling over the heart
  • leadership, dominance, forceful
  • formal relationships


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4 The Emperor Tarot Card Meanings – The Lord – Reversed


When the energies of the Emperor tarot cards are blocked it can lead to lack of discipline. Get organized and create a feasible plan to achieve your goal.

Maybe you are not expressing your opinion about something in the right way. Stand strong and find back your passion.

It can be that an authority has a lot of power over the situation that is out of control. When justice reversed is next to this card it has to do with injustice by an authority.

Reversed the Emperor tarot card can symbolize a control freak.

The Emperor reversed as outcome and advice

  • over domineering and manipulation person or authority
  • stand up for yourself
  • egoistic person, it has to be done his way
  • find back your passion
  • misdirected authority
  • become more disciplined
  • rules aren’t followed
  • non biological father



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