temperance tarot card meaning upright and reversed

14 – Temperance Tarot Card Meanings – Fferryllt – Upright



The Temperance tarot card indicates healing from conflicts, finding balance and so you will be starting from zero. Because of this turbulent times will be over.

The Temperance tarot card shows exactness, accuracy and precision. In the Rider Waite tarot deck for example, it is not a human being but an angel who mixes two ingredients together instead of a human being. The Temperance tarot card is all about the right mix and the right balance of two things. This can be about a mix of spending the right amount of time for your work and the right amount of time with your loved ones. The focus on the process of mixing is as important as the result of mixing and blending in this card.

The number 14 can be reduced to 1 + 4 = 5. Number 5 is a dynamic card and is about renewal. This can be accompanied with conflict and battle. With The Temperance card upright it is less likely that there will be a battle or conflict. It will be just right and a conflicting situation is being healed. Read more about tarot & numerology.

The difference between the star tarot card and the temperance tarot card is that temperance is about finding back balance after conflict, so the conflict is still there but it is being balanced. The star tarot card is more about mindset then the temperance tarot card. This card is a reflection on how you deal with the things that happen to you in life and has a vulnerable side to it. The star is more about our personal outlook on life and how to make it better by positive thinking for example.

Temperance as feelings and in love readings

The temperance tarot card is all bout the perfect amount. In a relationship the temperance card shows that if something went wrong this thing or event will be restored. The temperance card in regard to love and relationships is also about making compromises so all party’s will be ok with it.

In the temperance tarot card there no blink of exuberance, everything is just right. So as feelings the temperance card is about balanced feelings: if there is a person that needs to be forgiven temperance as feelings indicate forgiveness. If there is a need for a compromise in your situation, this card shows the person is ready to make the compromise. This person or their situation is adding the right amount of balance that is needed. So for example when you had a discussion with someone they might come back to it and they are willing to say sorry for what they did. The temperance tarot card also shows balance so this means that the other party is also ready to make the compromise or they will agree it was also wrong from their side.

If you found yourself in difficult relationships and the temperance tarot card shows up you will probably work on the conlfict within yourself or with these people for a while before you are ready for a new relationship. If you found your balance you will start from a clean slate when the fool shows up in your reading.

Temperance in job and career tarot readings

If the company you worked for just had a turbulant time this turbulance will be balanced when the temperance tarot card shows up in your tarot reading.

The temperance card is about fnding back balance. In regard to finances the temperance card could show that you are finally getting out of debt when this card shows up together with the 9 of pentacles for example.

There is no exuberance involved nor massive success when the temperance shows up because it is all about restoring first what needs the be healed. With this stable fundament you can move on to the next level. It might take some time to get to make the next move because temperance shows there is a need for balance first. So if you are going to work for a company that is in a temperance period they will have a time of not spending too much money but also a time of having enough for employees so they will be ok too.

Temperance as outcome and advice

  • a good receipt with the right ingredients without excess of anything
  • equality
  • healing and positive health situations
  • integration of two things and/or new things
  • being right on the right place and the right time
  • good balance of things coming together
  • patience and avoiding extremes
  • scanning before jumping in
  • moderation for the right balance
  • compromises
  • socializing with different cultures with same interest or on the same spiritual level
  • a time of harmony




14 – Temperance Tarot Card Meanings – Fferryllt – Reversed


Reversed the Temperance tarot card shows a bad combination of things, people or situations. Accept things for what they are, don’t mix things that aren’t working together. Reversed the card shows a fallen angel who is mixing two ingredients.

It can be that your body has an allergic reaction on something you ate or drunk. When the tower shows up nearby in the reading this combination could represent getting something toxic out of your body. Ofcourse this depends on the context of your tarot reading.

Search for a better integration for the subject. What can you balance better in your life at the moment?

It is good to moderate when the temperance reversed shows up as advice in your tarot reading.

Temperance reversed as outcome and advice

  • impatience
  • disharmony
  • disfunction
  • bad medicine
  • rejection
  • excess of something
  • imbalance
  • bad creation
  • poison


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