judgement tarot card meaning upright and reversed

20 – Judgement Tarot Card Meanings – Rebirth – Upright


The judgment tarot card is about awakening and personal transformation. All you experienced during the journey of the fool is falling together like a complete puzzle. You seem to realize that something that is important to you is within reach when the Judgement tarot card appears in your reading.

Getting clarity over important issues is also a subject of the Judgement tarot card. Clarity on certain subjects are coming to the surface like an inner calling. The judgement card could represent results that are meant to be.

When the judgement tarot card shows up, something or someone from the past is coming back to you. When combined with, such as the ace of pentacles, it can indicate that an employer from the past has a durable offer for you.

It could be that you have found a solution to an old major problem when the judgement tarot card shows up in your tarot reading. A subject that is bothering you for a long time or getting answers on your questions that you have for a long time. Old disrupting patterns in your life will be solved because of gaining clarity. The judgement tarot card could be an “Aha!” -moment but rather on the long-term.

The number 20 can be reduced to 2 + 0 = 2. The number 2 is about duality and about how to bring harmony between dualities.

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Judgement as feelings and in love readings

A final decision is being made or you are coming to the conclusion when the judgeent tarot card shows up as feelings. The judgement tarot card is not about positive or negative conclsions. The conclusions and results are something you have worked on for a longer period of time. So for example after a many years you realize that your partner and you, even though you have been through very difficult times, are the perfect couple together. The jjudgement card is about the awakening and the realization that what you have been through was right even if it was a pain in the ass. The other way around could also be possible that you might have thought all the time that someone was the one for you and now you realize why he or she isn’t.

Judgement as feelings represent that this person knows how they feel about the relationship. So for example if you wonder if he will return or if she will return in regard to ex lovers readings, the judgement could indicate that they will come back because they now seem to realize something about this past relationship. So it could be that they feel like you should reconcile or they came to realize that they don’t want to have any contact anymore. In any case the Judgement card is a feeling of being reborn. Also intuition is playing a part in this situation.

Judgement in a job and career tarot reading

When the judgement tarot card shows up in your job and career tarot reading you might feel this job is your inner calling. It could also be that you realize that a job you had in the past is an inner calling. This conclusion is a realization on a conscious level. Because of all that you have been through or all the kind of jobs you had you realize now what is your purpose.

The search on what might be your purpose in regard to job, career and business mightget to an end when the judgement card shows up. There is a conclusion, a certain result or a realization going on.

So when this tarot card shows up for your boss towards you, they might have come to a certain conclusion about you, your work or your career. It could be that they found the right job for you or they come to a conclusion on the kind of work you do for example.

Judgement as outcome and advice

  • transformation
  • healing
  • feeling reborn
  • renewal
  • purpose
  • inner calling
  • awakening
  • a revelation
  • a new kind of relationship


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20 – Judgement Tarot Card Meanings – Rebirth – Reversed


Reversed the judgement card could indicate that you are ignoring important messages of your higher self. You might be holding on too much on to fears. It is time to listen to your inner call instead of fearing what other people will think of you. You might have the feelings you can’t go forward. You might feel stuck. This is because of the fear how they will judge you when you make a major decision about which direction to take in your life. Break the walls down that you have built around you. Decide what you are going to do. This could bring a major positive change.

If you have the feeling you are not going in the right direction in your life at the moment, the judgement reversed might show up. What do you really want? Is your decision influenced by your environment and your situation or do you choose to do what is really for your and other people highest good?

Judgement reversed as outcome and advice

  • forgive people from the past
  • find out what you really want without getting influences by your environment
  • the resistance to listen to the needs of your higher self.
  • getting judged by people


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