The Hierophant tarot card meanings upright and reversed

5 -The Hierophant Tarot Meanings – High Priest – Upright



The Hierophant for general tarot card meanings

This tarot card is conventioal and all about tradition. The Hierophant is channeling his spiritual knowledge through society. Where the Emperor is about rules, organizing and planning, the Hierophant tarot card is about ethic rules, norms and values of society. Culture, religions, family and friends influence us daily and through our whole lifes in regard to our norms and values.

The Hierophant tarot card is the 5th major arcana card. Number 5 is about conflict, change and about achieving freedom. The Hierophant need the freedom to express himself fully and does not like to be tied down. Read more about tarot & numerology.

The Hierophant as feelings and in love readings

The hierophant is often not much of an exciting nor unexpected tarot card when it comes to feelings and relationships. The hierophant is all about tradition, norms and values. So either someone is being interested in you as a friend or they are interested in marrying you. When the hierophant appears in your tarot reading as someones feelings towards you you might already know the answer. If the tower shows up together with the hierophant the outcome will be unexpected.

A long-tern relationship or a marriage could be indicated by the hierophant.

If the hierophant shows up for the situation between you and your partner, there are probably themes in your relationship about good and bad.

If the hierophant shows up for singles, this indicate that you only want the right woman/man. You probably like to have  a traditional relationship or you have high standards. Especially when the knight of cups shows up together with hierophant, you might set your standards high and you might need to check if your goals are realistic. These ideas might come fort out cultural upbringings or other outside influences.

The Hierophant job and career tarot readings

The hierophant tarot card indicates tradition. So you might be in a job that you took over from your father or your mother. The kind of job could be a family company or a family tradition for example.

You might be longing for a traditional job when the hierophant shows up in your tarot reading for finding a new job.

The hierophant could indicate a personal coach or someone who is teaching you about personal norms and values because he is a spirtitual teacher. So someone who is having a hierophant kind of job could be a trainer in regard to personal growth. The hierophant kind of spiritual teachers differ from the hermit kind of spiritual teachers. Hierophant kind of spiritual teachers are often teaching about norms and values and they are often preaching from their own perspective when they teach you something. The hermit is the kind of guidance that comes from your inner self. So for example when you are practicing yoga, yoga is your teacher. The yoga teacher is more like the hierophant when they start to preach why yoga is good for you.

The Hierophant as outcome and advice

  • formal training
  • education
  • conventional subjects
  • rules and expectations by society, rituals and ceremonies, marriage, alliance
  • inner conscience and outer conscience, right and wrong
  • wise advice from a teacher or mentor
  • acceptable behavior
  • next stage in a love relationship
  • corporations
  • a (spiritual) teacher or counselor that is guiding a group
  • the hierophant can be a healer


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5 – The Hierophant Tarot Meanings – High Priest – Reversed


You might feel restricted by certain traditions society expects when the Hierophant reversed shows up in a tarot reading.

The Hierophant reversed can show up when the reading is about a rebellious person or teenager that is breaking conventional rules of society.

On the other hand the hierophant reversed can give you as an advice to do things your own way.

The hierophant reversed could also refer to differences in norms and values that you and your friend or lover have.

The Hierophant reversed as outcome and advice

  • there could be a need for breaking the rules, going against the conventional order, questioning if it has to be done like society wants to see it
  • the way that is best for you even if you have to break rules
  • religious authority
  • feeling restricted
  • unconventional subjects
  • sticking with the ways you have always done it
  • being crusted in traditions. Is it time for changing habits?
  • group pressure


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