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15 – The Devil Tarot Card Meanings – Cernunnos – Upright



The Devil tarot card meanings

The Devil tarot card upright is all about our own fears, anxiety and about being afraid to face them. If you admit that it is not something outside of you that is creating these fears you can take responsibility for it. Even while you feel like your fears are being triggered by outside influences, you need to be aware that you are still repsonsible for your own well-being when the devil tarot card shows up. Your fears are being created within yourself. It is time to face your fears and inner demons when the devil shows up.

Some people give their power easily away by thinking that bad things are happening in their life by outside forces. By doing this, you are only caging yourself. The Devil tarot card also makes you aware of the fact that when you believe that someone else can take your power away you could create co-dependency.

Because the devil is connected to the element earth this card has to do with the planet earth, nature, animals and so human beings. The attachment to the material and tangible are represented by the devil.

Numerology: Number 15

The devil tarot card number 15 can be reduced to 1 + 5 = 6. After the turbulent number 5 the number 6 finds balance again. With the knowledge we experienced during the conflict of a number 5 period the number 6 is restoring and trying to find a new kind of balance and harmony. This means that openness and honesty are important to not get involved with earthy kind of conflicts that the devil represents. The devil tarot card indicates you are holding on too much to things that aren’t for your highest good. The number 1 means new beginnings and the number 5 indicates conflict. Together these numbers indicate a starting conflict is asked to be solved. This is what the devil tarot card is about. Read more about tarot & numerology.

The Devil as feelings and in love readings

There is a lot of raw nature energy in the Devil tarot card which represent instinctive feelings and sexual desires. So the devil tarot card as feelings for someone, could indicate having strong sexual desires towards someone. Another option is that they are feeling a need to be with them like hey can’t be without them. Co-depedent behavior and bondage can be represented by the devil.

Wanting to “own” someone and being possessive can be represented by the devil tarot card.

Sometimes when we think we are in need of something material, this tarot card shows up. The feeling of being in need can be an addiction to substances or maybe even to a person.

The devil card is about earthy matters, nature and creatures. Your pet can also be represented by this tarot card.

The Devil in regard to job and career

When you work for a long time for the same company but actually you planned to leave already 2 years ago, the devil tarot card probably shows up. This tarot card indicates that you might be staying for the wrong reasons like: “I am used to this job and it’s fine” or “The salary is good, I won’t get this salary again for this kind of job”. The devil tarot card shows you are caged by fear which can be the reason why you are still working in the same place.

Another meaning of the devil tarot card is that you are feeling caged. Especially when the 8 of swords shows up nearby you might not see the solution at the moment and you migh feel like a hostage. Still there is a way out because the devil tarot card is about finding back your feeling of worthiness. When you value yourself you know that you don’t need a job, career, status or anything else to confirm your worthiness.

The Devil as outcome and advice

  • irrational fears and fantasies
  • feeding your fears
  • addiction
  • being dependent on someone or something
  • a co-dependent relationship
  • fears and afraid to face your own fears
  • dealing with your dark side
  • lust
  • bondage
  • sexual desire and physical pleasure without love
  • being trapped by your own traps
  • creating your own demons
  • obsessive and possessive behaviour


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15 – The Devil Tarot Card Meanings – Cernunnos – Reversed


Reversed the Devil tarot card is still about your own demons and fears but now they are getting released or you become more aware of your behaviour so you can take responsibility for them.

If you are plagued by certain fears, these fear is fading away when the Devil appears reversed in your reading.

When reversed the Devil tarot card can indicate that you are becoming more conscious of shadow sides so you can do something about it. It is good to take responsibility for your life now.

The Devil reversed as outcome and advice

  • being able to identify your fears
  • becoming aware of your fears
  • being able to face your fears
  • overcoming fears
  • overcoming your own traps
  • letting go of past obstacles
  • moving to liberation
  • a good time for changing bad habits


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