The chariot tarot card meanings upright and reversed

7  The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings – Upright



The Chariot tarot card is about willpower, control and victory and it is about overcoming obstacles.  Are you nervous for a job interview? Drawing the Chariot in your tarot reading indicates success is within reach. Having your goal in mind and going after it will be a succesful journey.

When this tarot card shows up in a reading there is potential to work very determined and focused.

The chariot could also represent a vehical.

Number 7 is a number of strategies. The number 7 is a mysterious number in many cultures. Read more about tarot & numerology.

The Chariot as feelings and in love readings

In love relationships the Chariot tarot card isn’t very romantic because indicates a need of wanting to be successful in the relationship. There is a need of taking control to take the relationship in a kind of direction. Always check the other tarot cards in the spread to get a more specific answer.

It is very likely that you will get over obstacles within your relationship when the chariot tarot card shows up in your tarot reading because the chariot is about mastering your emotions.

If the chariot tarot card shows up for a person, this person is self-confident about his goal and wants to win it or achieve it. They take control over the situation by taking deciding which road to take.

The chariot as feelings towards you it indicates that they have a goal in mind with this relationship. So for example when the chariot shows up in your tarot reading together with the empress tarot card as someones feelings towards you they like you to be their girlfriend or wife. If it is good or bad depends on the context. So if you are a celebrity and the chariot and the empress are someones feelings towards you they might be your groupie for a longer period of time.

The Chariot job and in career readings

The chariot tarot card shows a lot of willpower and control over the situation. So if you are wondering if you will get that job, when the chariot tarot card appears there is a bigger chance that you will. The chariot is a card of success.

You are on the right path in regard to success when the cariot tarot card shows up. You are not taking sideways but you are going directly to the target because the chariot is a very goal oriented tarot card. Because the chariot has the element water this has a lot to do with your emotions. It could be that you having control over your emotions and getting over emotional obstacles.

As a job the chariot tarot card could have something to do with travelling. So this card could represent a taxi driver or a pilot.

The Chariot as outcome and advice

  •  winning the competition
  •  overcoming obstacles
  •  triumph, victory
  • a driven and ambitious person who has the potential to achieve his goal
  • mastering your emotions
  • a road trip


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7 – The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


The Chariot reversed can indicate a lack of control. You might waste you energy. You need to set a goals and go after it.

When you draw the Chariot as feelings it could indicate that they can’t control their emotions.

Be very determined about what you want, because it can lead to accidents.

When this tarot card shows up it is time to get your self-confidence back.

The Chariot reversed as outcome and advice

  • getting the prize at every cost without a long term plan in mind
  • feeling out of control, get control over your life now
  • feeling unmotivated, get your motivation back now
  • a road trip that is out of control
  • being emotionally out of control, get control over your emotions now
  • aggression, get control over your emotions now


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