tarot card combinations
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4 Steps to read tarot card combinations as a Pro

tarot card combinations

How to read tarot combination? There are many combinations possible with tarot cards. At the moment I am writing meanings of some tarot card combinations down in a new post. But it is even more important that you have the knowledge BEHIND the reason WHY the tarot combinations have that meaning, so you can think for yourself. That is why I publish this post “How to read tarot combinations“. Because on this website I like to share my knowledge and reach you the fundamental basics of learning tarot for personal development.

We can take the tarot card combination: the world upright and the 5 of wands upright for example:

5 of wands tarotthe world tarot card

1. What do you feel when you look at the tarot card combination?

When you look at the card combination does it brings up an emotion? For example when you look at the 5 of wands it doesn’t look like a very happy card, but neither very sad. Take a close look at how it makes you feel and write this down. Then you look at the world card and you try to descibe your feeling about it. So when you look at them now together, how do you feel when you see it together with the world? If you don’t know yet, the next step will probably make it more clear.

2. How are these cards different from eachother?

When you wrote down your feelings with the world and the 5 of wands you are ready to look at the difference between these cards. This will make the meaning of each card more clear. We see 5 people on the left card and one person on the right card can be one difference. The 5 of wands looks more like humans while the world card looks more like some kind of angel because she isn’t standing on the ground with her feet. It looks like she is flying. The 5 of wands shows a struggle and the world card shows a peaceful scene.

3. Do you see a story line in this card?

The story from left to right can be about struggle that will end in peace. The world card is the last card of the major arcana, so the end of the struggle will be nearby.

4, How do these cards relate to your question of the reading?

If your question was: “Will I graduate?”, we can come to the conclusion that it was not an easy examination but the struggle will be over. The world indicates that the journey has ended. This journey could be the study that is going to end with success.

tarot card combinations

Do you like to know your specific tarot card combination? Add your tarot card combination to our list here (only for members): https://healingtarot.net/tarot-card-combinations-meanings/

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