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Tarot as a Tool for Personal Development + PDF Excercises Download

Beyond Tarot Predictions: Tarot for Personal Development and Self-Help


Besides your interest in tarot, you might be interested in personal development as well. 

If so, I have great news for you! I have been working now since 2014 on methods to combine tarot with personal development. Why? becaus you can get much more out of your tarot readings then you do right now in regard to your self development. Let me show you in short how you can get more out of your tarot readings. And, no: I am not talking about just using a different tarot spread.


There are many reasons for doing a tarot reading. Most people like to know more about their love lives or their career and business, but there is also a group of people who are interested in tarot for personal development. With this article I like to share with you that next to being mainly in search for confirmations, there is also another way you can use tarot for. Especially for some of you who like to know how a tarot reading can help you for the long term. So how can you benefit from a tarot reading more so than only receiving a confirmation or a prediction?

Besides confirmation tarot is a beautiful tool to add LONG TERM value into your life. For example if you like to achieve certain goals in your life it can be great to use your tarot cards for personal improvement and self-care you can use tarot as a support in your personal development process.

My vision on tarot

For your first step in your journey to use tarot for personal development I developed the Daily Healing Tarot Journal Exercises + Personal Development Planner for you.


With the exercises in this journal, tarot readings are much more about your own core values.

With this personal development journal and planner you become more conscious of your situation and you will get more overview. Because of that, there is room for personal transformation and achieving your goals. Instead of accepting a prediction and stay passive, you can now get you power consciously back over your life because you get more self-aware.

With this journal you create a stable foundation so you will stay in your own strength when you receive a tarot reading or advice of any kind. Especially if you can empathize with others easily or when you take over energy from other easily, this personal development journal plus planner will help you to get grounded and self aware of your own values. You will get a stronger “Hara” as they say in Traditional Chinese Philosophy.


Daily Healing Tarot Reading

So how does it work? You can download your journal below and you can find all instructions in the journal. While you write for a few days daily in your journal, my Daily Healing Tarot Reading videos on YouTube will guide you. You will learn how to interpret a tarot reading to your own benefit for the long term.

Every day you can watch the daily healing tarot reading on YouTube. These free videos will help you in this first part of the tarot journal that you can download below. 

Besides personal development you will also learn how to read tarot cards in a very practical way, completely based on your personal situation! Advanced and professional tarot readers will learn how to use tarot for personal development.


“Your challenges aren’t the problem, 
it is how you deal with them.”

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