SHOULD I CONTACT THEM? | Daily Tarot Reading JUNE 28 2020

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Daily tarot card combinations:

Queen of pentacles reversed clarified by 2 of wands reversed and 5 of wands upright

Queen of pentacles reversed + 2 of wands reversed = Being always there when people need you but right now you doubt if you should do it and help them out. Also when someone is interfering with someone else business while they shouldn’t. Or you might wonder if this is your business or someone else business and if you should do something about this.

Queen of pentacles reversed + 5 of wands upright = Inner struggle because you feel you want to protect someone but you don’t know if it will come off as too smothering.

2 of wands reversed + 5 of wands upright = A conflict that makes you want to wait first what is going to happen before you take any action.

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