Reversed tarot cards

How to read reversed tarot card meanings

Why read reversed tarot cards

The more combinations you can get with tarot cards, the more detailed you can be with your tarot readings. For me it has some imbrication lapping with categorizing and making indications.

If you would categorize all the people in the wold in 16 categories (like the myers brigg type indicator for example) most people will indentify themself with one category. On the other hand: this category wouldn’t tell a detailed story about that person. People who know themselfs well might say: well, I am a category 1 person but sometimes I am a category 2 person and I can empathize with a category 3 as well…. This is because people are much more complicated and unique then these 16 types. It is very unlikely that there are only 16 kind of people walking around on this earth. This is why we call the Myers Brigg types: an indication.

Fortunately we have 78 tarot cards, and each card upright has more then 16 meanings. Together with the reversed position a tarot card has over 32 meanings. That is 78 times 32 = 2496 tarot cards meanings…I think that is much closer to the truth if you would descibe a person with tarot cards.

Meanings of reversed tarot cards

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning 1: The energy of this card is decreasing or is lacking

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning 2: The energy of this card is increasing or overdone

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning 3: The energy of this card is too low

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning 4: The energy of this card is too high

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning 5: This card tells something about the upcoming future

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning 6: This card tells something about what happend before

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning 7: This card tells about external factors

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning 8: This card tells about internal factors

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