reconciliation tarot cards the return of your ex

Reconciliation Tarot Cards & The return of your Ex

Will he ever come back tarot card combinations:

The 2 of cups upright:

This card is about connection and having eyes for each other (again). Getting back in touch with each other could be represented by the two of cups upright. This tarot card could be indicate forgiveness or making up a platonic relationship or a love relationship. There are definitly emotions being shared with each other and these two people understand each other. They are both on the same page. It could indicate the beginning of a relationship.

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The 2 of cups reversed:

When this card comes up reversed in a reading about an ex it could be an early stage of getting back in touch with each other. It could indicate that both of you are keeping your emotions in control. In combination with the sun tarot card (upright or reversed) it indicate that getting back in touch will be a happy and refreshing and promising event and you will be able to forgive each other. It could be the start of a new relationship or friendship. The sun brings positivity and enlightment.
Reversed the two of cups could indicate that it was just a temporary break up between you both.

When this card shows up reversed it often indicates that if you just met someone, be careful: their past love relationship isn’t over yet.

The 6 of cups upright:

Nostalgia and people from the past is what the 6 of cups is about. It doesn’t directly mean a reconciliation but it could indicate that you will meet an ex or an old flame. This will be accompanied with feelings of nostalgia. Together with the lovers card it could indicate that this contact will be taken a longer time or that about karmic relationships. When this card shows up in regard to your question about your ex it all has a recognizable feeling to it. Only the 6 of cups in your reading doesn’t tell anything yet about new events, starts or new beginnings.

The 6 of cups reversed:

This card could indicate that you are living to much in the past. You could ask yourself if it is the right thing considering to return to your ex.

The 6 of wands upright:

This reconciliation tarot card is about making a victorious comeback. This card is more about ego, being seen, recognision and succes then about pure love. Still this card is about reconciliation when doing a reading about an ex. It could be that he or she is coming back into your life and this person will do it in a way that can’t be unnoticed by you (and other people). It could be in the form of a romantic proposal when combined with a card like the knight of cups.

The 6 of wands reversed:

You might feel like not being seen or get the recognition you need from your ex or this could have been the problem in your relationship with your ex.

6 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The 8 of cups upright:

The 8 of cups upright shows that you feel ready to leave all the emotional lugage what was once important to you behind you. This could indicate leaving an ex or letting go of the illusions you had about your ex (positive or negative). You are ready to move forward with or without your ex.

The 8 of cups reversed:

This card reversed indicates that you can’t leave the situation as it was, yet. It could indicate that a lover is coming back because you both have something to close before you both can move on. It could indicate a reconcilliation to find out together how to move on from here.

This might also be the case when you only draw the death card reversed or the ten of swords reversed in your tarot reading. These card are all about endings and about moving to a new stage but when reversed this is blocked and so it is not the time yet to move on. This can result in reconcilliation.

With the ten of swords reversed your situation isn’t all as bad as you have been expecting and your relationship will get a second chance.

Judgement upright:

Next to the meaning of awakening, the judgement card shows death people that arise from there graves. This could indicate that people that dissapeared out of your life are coming back. It is not very likeley that judgment card on it’s own indicates a reconcilliation, but more about bringing the past alive.

If the death card reversed and the hierophant reversed show up close by in your tarot reading as well, it could indicate reconcilliation with you ex husband or wife. This happens because of the inflexibility to let change come into your life. That is probably the reason for seperating and for coming back together like a repeating pattern/blockage.

Judgement reversed:

When judgement reversed shows up you might haven’t fully decided yet what would be best to do. You might ask yourself if you should return to your ex or is that this will make you making the same mistake over again.

judgement tarot card meaning upright and reversed
The strength tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Strength upright:

When the strength card shows up in a love reading about your ex, it could indicate (depending on the cards around) that your relationship is based on strong foundations. You are both repectful to each other. When this card shows up as a relationship outcome with you ex partner it could indicate that love is ruling over lust, because the strenght card is about passion and perseverance. This is not a directly a reconcilliation tarot card but it could indicate that you both have strong relationship with each other. To develop it you will need to do it with patience, respect, trust, perseverance and inner strength.

Strength reversed:

If this cards shows up you should ask yourself if it is only a physical attraction and lust that make you want to return to your ex or reconciliate.

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14 Replies to “Reconciliation Tarot Cards & The return of your Ex”

  1. Hi, ive been trying to decipher my reading separately but i thought a 3 card spread should be read as a fuull picture. My ex bf broke up with me all of a sudden months ago claiming he wanted to be single and focus on his work, however, shortly after, i bumped into him with a new girlfriend. It appears like he had been lying about the reason for the break up, yet, he continued to explain that it was not what i thought. He said he has no deep love for this new girl. I asked if there was a chance for reconcilliation, he said he does not know yet.

    I asked the tarot will we reconcile and will there be happy ending, and the spread showed the chariot (past), two of swords (present) and the moon (future).. these don’t seem like a good spread yet it seems there are other meanings when combined. I went with the upright spread. Can you share with me what this says please?

    I am also asking for a friend who also broke up with her ex and asking for reconcilliation and happy ending, she chose to go with reversed spread: reverse knight of sword (present), upright three of cups (present), the world (future)

    1. Hi Judith, there are no rules for reading tarot cards so you can read them as a full picture if that resonates with you. You did very well, the spread you used fits with the question you have asked the cards. The chariot, the two of swords and the moon in these positions do show that there are doubts involved and that the situation stays unpredictable in the future (although the future isn’t set in stone). Because the moon tarot card is also a card of illusions it will be good to shine a light on shadowy subjects in regard to the relationship with him. Remember that even though the tarot cards do not always show what you had in mind, they show you what is best for you on the long-term.

      The cards that show up for your friend are about a progress in the relationship or a progress that she is making at the moment. The meaning of the cards also depent on the question that she asked the cards. So her cards do show growth and development and that things will get better.

      I am happy to help you with comments when you have questions about how to read tarot, when you need a personal tarot reading you can visit

      All the best,

      Charis Félice

  2. hey! even i had a break up like 6 months back! i tried to make things alright! but in vain! last day a friend of his called up and told he seems kinda upset these days! then i tried my tarot! it goes something like this! lovers, strength, sun, star!! i tried reading about them in several sites! they seem hopeful! do you have any other insight into this? i am scared to have my hopes break again!

    1. Hi Sia,

      It depents not only on the tarot cards you draw what the outcome is on your reading. It also depents on the question you ask the tarot cards so you can read the cards in context. Besides that it depents how you read the cards, do you use upright and reversed cards for example. You will find soon an online course on this website so it will be easier to read your tarot readings with confidence.

  3. Will my ex boyfriend take me back can you answer that question for me please

  4. Hi Charis, my boyfriend and i have been through a tough period and he ended things yesterday. I asked for reconciliation with my ex boyfriend and happy ending. I got the following cards for past, present, and future: 9 of cups, 2 of cups, and ten of pentacles. Can you please help me interpret them?

    1. Hi Tranha, Thank you for your question. Because of the popularity I won’t do free interpretations anymore but other people who visit this page can help eachother. I do give possibilities to interpret tarot readings through Skype. The price is per 30 minutes. Here you can register:
      For tarot card meanings please take a look at:

      Warm regards,

      Charis Félice

  5. I broke a relationship four months ago, I still see him because he frequents the same friends as me; but before saying goodbye he told me that it was not definitive and that he still felt something about me. In my reading there are two drinks and six drinks, what does it mean?

  6. Hello, I got ‘five of cups’ and ‘king of pentacles’ cards for feelings for me from my ex-boyfriend that left me 2 months ago. I am really struggling to decipher the meaning as they seem to portray different meanings… Can you please help me?

  7. Hi could you tell me what deck you are using in first photo? The one with the woman and the bear. Thanks!

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