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How to Read Tarot Cards – Tarot Reading for Dawn

How to read tarot cards for someone else? In this tarot reading example you will find a tarot reading I did. I will explain in this article step by step how I came to the outcome of the tarot reading.  For explicit descriptions of the tarot card meanings of a specific tarot card in this reading, you can just click on the blue links.

Every tarot reader has their own style. In this article and video’s I will explain how ANYONE can do a tarot reading. The video’s will guide you. If you like to experience my tarot readings by yourself: Get a YouTube reading to find out more about my tarot reading style. You will learn a lot from a tarot reading example about your own situation.

How to Read Tarot Cards – Tarot Reading for Dawn

Dawns question was about when she will find a new lover. I use the celtic cross tarot spread in this video.

I used a 10 card tarot spread which is called the celtic cross tarot spread. There are different versions of the celtic cross tarot spread. I will show you is one way you can use the celtic cross tarot spread.

Card 1 – Past

The page of pentacles shows a very direct and to the point message which is making the querent feel stuck at a conscious level as we can see in card 4. We can also see that messages aren’t received in a correct way in position card 6.

Card 2 – Present/Theme

The empress reversed shows that the querent is in a relationship or that she is still attached to an ex partner. It could also indicate that the querent is just not ready for a relationship because of this. So it doesn’t matter if they are together or if they broke up because her question was when she will find a new lover. So on a conscious level she is ready to move on but the empress reversed shows that she still has attachements to her ex partner.

Card 3 – Near future

The 8 of cups shows that she will walk away from the feelings she was holding on to in the past because she needs to solve and let go of past situations first in order to move on.

Card 4 – Conscious level

The 8 of swords shows that the querent feels stuck in this situation. This is what the querent is aware of.

Card 5 – What is crossing the theme

The knight of swords shows that there is a challenge in regard to the theme and situation of the querent. The theme card 2 showed that there was still an ex in the picture and this card, the knight of swords shows that there is an argument going on between them.

Card 6 – Subconscious level

The complete reading is influences by this card. In the case of this querent it is the 8 of wands reversed. This card indicates in this reading that there is miscommunication, a lack of communication or that she just didn’t receive the message correct. It could also be that she interpret a message in the wrong way. It could laso be that someone said something about their relationship or about her ex that isn’t the correct information.

Card 7 – How the querent is seeing the situation

The queen of pentacles reversed shows up at this position. This indicates that she has lost her trust in her (ex) partner. This could be the reason why she is wondering when she will meet a new partner because she might think the relationship is over between them because of the miscommunication (position 6: the 8 of wands reversed)

Card 8 – How the environment is seeing the situation

Based on this miscommunication her environment understands why she broke up with her partner is what the moon reversed shows us.

Card 9 – Hopes, dreams and fears of the querent

The hopes of the querent is to work together and to cooperate with their new lover and to solve anything that keeps them stuck. The querent is ready for growth and willing to cooperate to come to solutionis is what the 3 of pentacles is showing us.

Card 10 – Future position

The 2 of pentacles shows that the querent is considering or re-considering the situation. In this video you saw an example of our YouTube Tarot Reading.

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