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3 Reasons to learn to read reversed tarot cards

When you shuffle your tarot deck, it happens sometimes that you draw an upside down tarot card.  This is what we call a reversed tarot card. Many tarot readers use reversed tarot cards by purpose. When you google for “reversed tarot cards” you will notice that they are are also called tarot card rx which means that the webpage is about reversed tarot cards

Tarot Readers habits: upright and reversed tarot cards

Some tarot readers only read tarot cards in upright position. They change cards to upright position when they appear reversed in their reading.

There are tarot readers who only read reversed tarot cards when they show up by coicidence. So when a tarot card shows up in reversed position in their tarot reading “by accident”, they pay attent will read it as reversed.

Other tarot readers read reversed tarot cards and also shuffle their deck in a way that there will be reversed tarot cards showing up in their tarot reading.

During your journey these preferences will change over time. There is no right or wrong in tarot. Many tarot readers prooved already that there are more ways that work well. It is all about your journey and we help you to find out what techniques there are to do tarot readings. Just try them out to find out what works best for you. In this article you will read reasons on why you should read reversed tarot cards.

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1. To make it less overwhelming for yourself

For example, reversed tarot cards in your tarot reading show you where to pay attention to in your reading and what is less obvious. Sometimes reading tarot feels like cooking. The reversed cards could be your measurement cup on how strong a tarot card is influencing the reading. When you only use tarot cards in upright position you need to find out for yourself which cards are having more influence. Instead of using reversed tarot cards you could also work with dignified and ill-dignified tarot cards.

Reading reversed tarot cards isn’t more difficult then reading upright tarot cards. It is another technique to clarify your tarot reading. I do recommend to use one of these techniques to create more overview in your tarot readings.

2. To be more specific with your tarot readings

Reversed tarot cards make your reading more specific and more detailed. For example when you know that the message of a reversed tarot card has no priority in the present, you can pay attention to other tarot cards. The other tarot cards in your tarot reading might tell something about this reversed tarot card. There is more detailed information available when you use reversed tarot cards or diginified/ill-dignified tarot cards. I do not recommend to use them at the same time.

Some people think that reversed tarot cards always have a negative meaning but it is not that simplistic. Reversed cards are still the same cards with the same essence of the meaning of the card. The tarot card doesn’t become more negative.

Most beginners think that adding reversed cards in a tarot reading is more difficult then only reading upright cards. The opposite is true because reversed tarot cards tell us which card accentuate your tarot reading reading. If you know where the accent lies in a tarot reading you will create more overview in your reading. An reversed knight of wands tells you something about the energy of the card. This knights energy is scattered and this is important to know for the further reading. To create overview in all the tarot card meanings this card has, you can now make your choice more clear, especially when you take a look at the surrounding cards and read the cards together.

3. Because it shifts your tarot card meanings

The essence of the tarot card meanings remain the same when you read reversed tarot cards. A tarot card could not have a completely negative meaning only because it shows up in a reversed position. You always read tarot cards all together in a tarot reading. There are no positive or negative tarot cards in a tarot deck. If the meaning of a tarot card is positive or negative depents on the context of the tarot reading.

Examples how a tarot card meaning  shifts in reversed position:

The hanged man UPRIGHT could mean —> sacrificing, surrendering

The hanged man REVERSED could mean —> not feeling the need to sacrifice, shifting your perspective


The 5 of cups UPRIGHT could mean —-> sadness, not seeing the positivity that is still their despite the drama

The 5 of cups REVERSED could mean —-> ending of sadness, sorrow is passing away, time to release the sadness


The 3 of swords UPRIGHT could mean —> hurt, betrayal, pain, heartache

The 3 of swords REVERSED could mean —> starting to heal the hurt, releasing the swords (pain)


Using reversed cards would be a nice excercise for people who “have to” turn their cards upright. Just to see for yourself how you react on it and what does it tell you about yourself? Do you get itchie when you read this? Perfect,  give it a try!

 >>> How to read reversed tarot card meanings



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