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Love & Relationships Tarot Reading, delivered in your email inbox within 1-3 days.


What you get:

The tarot reading “love relationships” is open for any question about your love relationship. Get a professional, HONEST & ON POINT tarot card reading by email within 1-3 days.

This accurate tarot reading “love relationships” contains around 800 words. In this love reading you will find the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship between you and your lover in different areas of the relationship. For example I can give insights on how to develop your relationship together.

Examples on what subjects this tarot reading can give you insights on:

1. Any question you have about your love relationship.
2. How do they really feel about you / what you feel about them
3. What is their motivation for this relationship / your motivation
4. Strengths/Weaknesses /Compatibility and if there is there a chance of marriage or children

Can you give examples?

  • When you have a new lover and you wonder if it will work between you, I can give the strengths and the weaknesses of the relationship.
  • If you you and your partner are having a difficult time together, I can find out what the problem is and so insights on possible solutions.
  • When you need insights on your own thoughts and feelings about someone.
  • You just feel stuck and don’t know how to explain the situation.

Our tarot readings are honest. This means that the outcome is not always what you like to hear. Our tarot readings will help you on the long-term because they give insights in your situation.After a tarot reading you can move forward again.

Tarot readings and tarot readers do not decide for you. You always have to take the responsibility for your own life.

What can I expect?

A tarot reading is giving insights on what is most important for you to know at the moment. Sometimes we are just stuck in how things should be and so we don’t make room for solutions. Our tarot readings bring clarity in your situation.

Charis Felice will be the tarot reader.

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Consciousness artist Charis Félice is the founder HealingTarotNet. At HTN we like to support your personal development and self-insight. Your tarot reader will help you with your questions on love relationships, business and career. If you have any questions feel free to contact at


This product is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognized professional services.

All readings of HealingTarotNet are personal. This reading is written by e-mail but on request it is possible to record the reading in spoken words so you will receive an audio format.

Pictures all rights reserved Charis Félice

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  1. Adams

    This reading was spot-on. I’m so surprised how accurate much of it was. Charis is wonderful to work with. I got the Love & Romance reading for myself, and my guy ordered the Business and Money reading – both were amazing. We will definitely be repeat customers. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from this seller, she really knows her craft. 🙂

  2. Carolyn

    Great reading from a great reader!nnVery pleased 🙂

  3. Ann

  4. Amy

    It was a gorgeous and deep reading. Fate brought this reader to me, and she told me things that rocked my world. All without me needing to give much information. I loved my reading and highly recommend her to anyone who may be skeptical. Very happy. ;D

  5. Amy

    As always, Charis’ readings are spot on with enough detail to give me clarity on my future. She reads with empathy and elegance which I appreciate a lot.

  6. mymaggiore

    Reading was received in a timely manner. Waiting to see if the prediction will come true.

  7. Jooyong

    I’m always so blown away by her readings! Charis is so insightful and caring. Her readings always puts things into a new perspective for me. I couldn’t be happier! I have been a customer of hers since last December and a lot of what she has predicted has come to pass and I have got to understand what the life brings on my plate. Everything seems to happen for a reason! She’s extremely professional. Quickly responds and makes one on one contact a relaxing experience. Thank you as always for being there for me and your wonderful gift!!

  8. Carol

    This was as very great reading ..she goes out of her way to make it right .

  9. gabriell

    such an amazing reading don t hesitate to order

  10. Gina Marisa

    Thank you – I enjoyed the reading.

  11. Lyena

    thank you dear Charis always a pleasure dealing with you !!!!!nFabulous readings full of depth and spot on,highly recommend !!!!!

  12. Melody

    Loved the reading, would purchase again!

  13. Anonymous

    Very much in tune with my situation. Her free clarification email helped to understand some of the confusions I had in the first reading. Thanks.

  14. Rosemarie

    Very accurate with my tarot reading!

  15. Anonymous

    I was pleased with my reading becuz the things that I was told well I started to analyze it and it was accurate.

  16. Consuelo

    Im very very pleased with the reading from Charis…She answered all my questions n my reading turned out to be accurate as she told me….Im a person with no patience but she calmed my nerves and I thank her for everything..I would recommend the Healing Tarot to anyone….

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