SAME DAY Tarot Readings – 800 Words by email

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Ask your question and receive your reading within 4-24 hours by email.


Same day tarot readings:

This same day tarot reading gives you guidance and insight in your situation within 4-24 hours. You can ask any question. Let us know in advance if you like to receive your same day tarot readings in audio format instead of email format.

What can I ask:

You can ask any open question in any area like for example about love, friendships, travels, business or family related subjects. Attach your question in the “notes”during the transaction or send an email to After we received your order you will receive your same day tarot readings within 4-24 hours.


Consciousness artist Charis Félice is the founder HealingTarotNet. Personal development and self-insight are the most important factors in tarot readings from HTN. Your tarot reader will help you with your questions on love relationships, business and career. If you have any questions feel free to contact at


This product is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognized professional services. Outcomes are never set in stone because we have a free will as human beings. This means that we can choose for another path even if a psychic medium made you a prediction. In this reading you will read the most likely outcome.

All readings of HealingTarotNet are personal. On request it is possible to record the reading in spoken words so you will receive an audio format instead of an email format.

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12 reviews for SAME DAY Tarot Readings – 800 Words by email

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  1. Lyena

    Thank you very much for your time and talent I greatly appreciate your perspective !!!!!!many thanks and blessings !!!

  2. Lorena

  3. Charles

    Good seller. Timely delivery. Waiting for results from the services but I enjoyed her personality from our electronic communications!

  4. Jooyong

    Charis is very sweet and warm. I was happy to receive my reading within the time frame she gave. She really took the time to look into my situation, and gave a thorough reading! I now have the peace of mind I was looking for and I’m truly grateful.

  5. Jooyong

    Charis really put a lot into perspective for me and took the time to really answer a lot of my concerns. I found the reading very thorough, unlike some psychics who don’t seem to tell you anything specific. She was VERY specific and super honest and caring. <3 I would highly recommend her to anyone! You won't be disappointed!!!

  6. Susi

    Thank you very much

  7. Amy

    Charis is always always on point. ;D

  8. Christine

    Spot on, thank you

  9. proxima07

    Great Spirit Reading.nSpot on with my current situation.nSo very accurate.nFeel reassured about the future.

  10. Lyena

    Thank you very much for your perspective Charis.nMany blessings and peace,loven

  11. Lyena

    thank you very much for the reading.nThe relationship is over, but you described it correctly, thus let’s say 50% was right and 50% off…..nI understand timing is an extremely sensitive issue that most get wrong even notorious Mediums that charge thousands,that is true.nHappy Holidays and thank you!

  12. Lorena

    Always fantastic!!! A great reading

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