Baby Tarot Reading – Email Reading 800 Words


Baby tarot reading meant to support your children. Delivered in your email inbox within 1-3 days.


What you get:

Baby Tarot Readings from HealingTarot.Net are meant to support your children. You will get a professional BABY TAROT READING by email within 1-3 days about your question in regard to your baby or child. In this Baby Tarot Reading you will also get information about which area’s you could support your child. This email will be about 800 words.

This baby tarot reading gives you insight on:

1. Any question about your baby or child.
2. Baby, teen and adult developments of your baby.
3. In which area’s they need support and how you can support them.

Is this only for baby’s or can I do a reading for my child as well?

Yes, you can do this reading for your child as well. You ask for a tarot reading of the progress of your child at school for example so you can help them move forward. Or for example if you are worried if your child is finally making friends at school I can take a look at what is the most likely outcome and what could improve the outcome results.

Why should I do a baby tarot reading?

With this tarot reading you will get insights in the situation of your baby or older child. Because children can not explain everything in words, this could be a way to get more insights in the world of your child. In this way you can understand better what they like and what is keeping them occupied.

What can I expect?

A tarot reading is giving insights on what is most important for you to know at the moment. Sometimes we are just tsuck in how things should be and so we don’t make room for solutions. Our tarot readings bring clarity in your situation.

Charis Felice will be the tarot reader.

Get your reading within 24 hours

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Consciousness artist Charis Félice is the founder HealingTarotNet. Focused on giving readings to support your personal development and self-insight. Your tarot reader will help you with your questions on love relationships, business and career. If you have any questions feel free to contact at [email protected]


This product is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognized professional services.

All readings of HealingTarotNet are personal. This reading is written by e-mail but on request it is possible to record the reading in spoken words so you will receive an audio format.

Pictures all rights reserved Charis Félice


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