PRACTICE POSITIVE MANTRA’S INSTEAD | Daily Tarot Reading June 26 2020

This tarot deck is used in this video:

Daily tarot card combinations:

3 of swords upright clarified by fool upright and 5 of pentacles upright

3 of swords upright + fool upright = A painful new start. So for example when you start a new relationship while the other person is already in a relationship with someone else. Also when you start a new project that is all about suffering or unpleasant and painful subjects. This could also just be a certain mindset you have adopted which is stopping you from making a new start.

3 of swords upright + 5 of pentacles upright = The kind of hurt that is causing losses. So for example when someone is cheating and because of it causes losses of all kinds (money, friendships etc.)

Fool upright + 5 of pentacles upright = Starting from scratch. So for example when you start to travel without money or when you locate yourself somewhere you don’t know anyone yet.

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