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Tarot Pairs that show up often in your readings

Sometimes it happens that the same tarot pair is showing up in different readings for the same person. This is doesn’t happen a lot but it happend to me a few weeks ago. I was drawing the tarot pair Empress + High Priestess more often in a row, exactly next to eachother. I do not recommened to break your… Read More

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 38 – Love and Career Forecast

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 38 – Love and Career Forecast 14th of september 2015 – 20th of september 2015   Love & Relationship:   page of swords upright The page of swords upright is the tarot card for love and relationships this week. This tarot card is not a romantic card but the page of… Read More

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 37 – Love and Career Forecast

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 37 – Love and Career Forecast 7th of september 2015 – 13th of september 2015   Love & relationship:   3 of pentacles reversed The tarot card of the week is the 3 of pentacles reversed. Upright this card is all about growth, cooperation and teamwork. When reversed these qualities are blocked… Read More

missing suits in tarot reading

Missing suits in tarot readings

Missing suits like no cups or no swords in a tarot reading. Does it mean something if one of the suits (wands, cups, pentacles or swords cards) do not show up in your tarot reading? For example if you have drawn 10 tarot cards for your tarot reading but non of them are cups….? The importance of a… Read More

zodiac signs

Horoscope UP dates – Your real zodiac sign

Horoscope UP dates – Your real zodiac sign   Actual Horoscope Sign dates – True horoscope dates – Tarot, astrology signs and mindshifts. Tarot works fine in combination with astrology. Each tarot card is connected to a zodiac sign and can give more insight in characteristics of a person. When the king of wands shows up for your… Read More

Week 33 – Tarot Love Reading Examples

Week 33 – Tarot Love Reading Examples – Tarot love reading example: Peter and Karen part 1 –   In this edition of the weekly tarot reading you will find part 1 of the tarot love reading example. I will first tell the case and then show you the results of the reading. The case Peter and… Read More

Weekly Tarot Reading week 32 – The Kitchen Garden

Weekly Tarot Reading week 32 – The Kitchen Garden – 3 of pentacles rx, high priestess, 6 of pentacles, justice rx, devil rx –   Every week you will find a weekreading on this blog about how this week will develop. For this week I drawed the cards for HealingTarotNet reader Tragmadat. His question is about how his… Read More

Weekly Tarot Reading week 31

*Win FREE tarot reading* HealingTarotNet is searching for 1 BURNING QUESTION for the next weekly tarot reading!!!  –> Ask your question in comments below.  –> Only for subscribers!!! subscribe & comment before saturday the 1st of August 2015 ———————————————————————————————————————————– Weekly Tarot Reading week 31  – the chariot rx, the world, the fool rx, 8 of pentacles rx,… Read More

Weekly Tarot Reading week 30

Weekly Tarot Reading week 30  – 9 of wands rx, the chariot rx, the star, 8 of pentacles rx, page of cups rx – From monday 20thof july 2015 until sunday 26th of july 2015   This week I like to show you a different spread then the 3 card spread. Let’s call this the Weekly Opportunity Spread. I… Read More

Weekly Tarot Reading week 29

Weekly Tarot Reading week 29   – page of pentacles, 10 of swords rx and 3 of wands rx – From monday 13thof july 2015 until sunday 19th of july 2015 The tarot card for this week is page of pentacles reversed with clarification cards 10 of swords and 3 of wands, both reversed as well. The reversed cards are indicating that the energy… Read More

Weekly Tarot Reading week 28

Weekly Tarot Reading week 28   – 6 of pentacles, magician rx, page pentacles – From monday 6th of july 2015 until sunday 12th of july 2015 The theme for this week is the 6 of pentacles. As clarification cards for the 6 of pentacles I drawed the magician reversed and the page of pentacles. Reading this tarot card combination The 6… Read More

5 tips on how to interpret tarot clarification cards

Not every tarot reader makes use of clarification cards. Some readers only use them once in a reading when a tarot card is not clear to them and other readers use them more often. The way people use clarification cards is different as well. In my opinion the reading is always about the card you have drawn first.… Read More

Free Tarot Reading week 27

Free Tarot Reading week 27   – 8 of Pentacles, Moon, Tower rx – From monday 29 june 2015 until sunday 5th july 2015     For this week I drawed the 8 of pentacles with 2 clarification cards; the moon and the tower reversed. Maybe you have already noticed that these cards look similar to the… Read More

Weekly Tarot Reading week 21

Weekly Tarot Reading week 21 Ace of Pentacles RX, 8 of pentacles RX, 4 of swords – 25 May 2015 The Tarot Card of this week is 8 of pentacles reversed. As clarifying cards I pulled the ace of pentacles reversed and the 4 of swords. Tarot card combination Are you afraid you are not getting the job done… Read More

Tarot Reading week 26

Tarot Reading week 26 – Tower, High Priestess reversed, 4 of wands reversed – 22 june 2015 – This week I drawed the high priestess reversed. As explanation cards I drawed on the left side the tower and on the right side the 4 of wands reversed. Tarot card combination The high priestess reversed shows… Read More

Weekly Tarot Reading

Weekly Tarot Reading – Judgement, the world & 9 of pentacles – 04 May 2015 – The Tarot Card: Judgement (or Rebirth in the Druid Craft Tarot deck) is what it is about in this weekly tarot reading. As clarifying cards I pulled The World and 9 of pentacles. The cards are all reversed. In… Read More

court cards in tarot

Appearances of the tarot court cards

Tarot court cards can reflect people or someone that you know but a court card is often not a particular person. One court card can even can reflect more then one person. A court card can also reflect strenght and weaknesses of the querent. Dependant of where the card appears in a spread, court cards… Read More

When the same tarot cards are showing up often

When the same tarot cards are showing up often, you are probably asking yourself why it is that this card is coming up every time. Often it means that there is a lesson in this card that you did not fully understood yet. Remember that this is not neccesarily a good or bad thing. It… Read More