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Multiple Court Cards Meanings in a Tarot Reading

A few days ago I got a question about the court cards meanings.  If you have questions as well about the court cards, feel free to comment on this post.

How can I define the specific meaning of a court card?

In the following example we use the “past present future” tarot spread. The question for this tarot reading is: “Will my ex return?” In the present position we see the court card: the queen of cups. To understand what this court card means,  we need to take a look at the question and the tarot reading first.

An overview of the tarot reading

Past – the ace of wands

The first card in the present position is the ace of wands. This indicates that there was a spark, probably between this person and their ex. There is a reason why this person thinks about their ex. The ace of wands shows that they were triggered thinking about their ex. We don’t know yet what the trigger is. The ace of wands is mainly sparks of energy and enthusiasm and makes us move in a certain direction.

Present – The queen of cups

The second card in the present position is the court card the queen of cups. Court cards express human characteristics. The queen of cups has a deep connection with her feelings and she could represent someone who has psychic abilities. She could also represent someone who is in love or she is just showing empathy for her situation or the situation of her ex. How do you find out which of the court cards meanings are suitable to this situation? We will first take a look at the third card.

Future – The devil

The third card in the future postion is the devil. This tarot card represents fears and attachments. Also addiction could be a subject in this tarot reading. This tarot card is also very physical and earthy, it could represent sex for example.


This person was triggered in the past to think about their ex or take action in regard to their ex. At the moment this person is mostly busy with certain feelings they have in regard to this subject. Because in the past they were triggered to do something with this subject they probably need to “feel”. So even though the queen of cups has a lot of meanings it is a tarot card who carries the suit of cups which is connected to feelings and emotions. These emotions are there because she feels she needs to take action (ace of wands). The future position shows that these feelings may make her anxious.

Intuition takes a big part in tarot reading but it mainly triggers your intuition. So you could read this tarot reading differently. Let’s try it out to read the cards from left to right in this way. Ace of wands: This person feels excited to be in contact with her ex. She knows her ex wants her because there is still a spark between thm (ace of wands). She is so madly in love (queen of cups) that she is going to have wild sex with her ex (the devil). Ok lets take a closer look. The thing is that in reality you often feel intuitively what a person says if it is a “positive” or “negative” situation for them. You can “measure” this by searching for more tarot cards in the reading that you feel are positive. Ofcourse every advanced tarot reader has their own way of doing a tarot reading since you are developing your own tarot reading style. I personally would read the queen of cups as someone who is more focused on her feelings, emotions and intuition and she is finding out how to take action rather then taking direct action.

What if there was another court card the  the queen of cups in this position?

If the queen of wands would be in this position, she would take action on the subject to find it out. So if the queen of wands was in this position I would say sex could have been the outcome because of the excited energy from this tarot card combination. It could also indicate that she is taking on some responspronsabilities in such situation. The outcome would be not so positive because she would make herself needed or make someone else needed since the devil card is in the future position. It seems to be all about the goals of this queen when she would be in this position. The queen of cups is much more passive and would “overthink” by connecting with her intuition if she needs to take action. While the queen of wands is dealing with anxiety in an action oriented way and the queen of cups would probably not even deal with the anxiety because she knows in advance it will happen since she feels it is coming. The queen of cups is extinguishing the fire of the ace of wands. She is triggered to prevent taking certain actions because she is triggered (ace of wands) by her intuition (queen of cups). So this person where the reading is about is probably asking for the reading to prevent or prepare herself from the anxiety before it happens in regard to her ex. I personally wouldn’t go there saying she still has feelings for her ex because she is self-aware enough because she is finding out what to do in this situation.


On the question if their ex will return is most likely a “yes” because they are still attached to them. This attachment could be through bonds and material items since the devil is about needs. It is possible to let these attachments go and she probably will because the ace of wands shows that she has opportunities and knows how to handle this situation.

The conclusion is that you mainly read ALL the tarot cards in your tarot reading to decide what a specific meaning of a court card is. Don’t hestitate to ask your question below!

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