May 29 – June 4, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading


Week 22

May 29 – June 4, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading
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May 29 – June 4, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading


May 29


The Tower

You might get surprised or even shocked this week by how understanding people are in regard to your situation. You might have had negative thoughts about how people will react on your story but instead you might even find a mutual connection out there in regard to your subject.

This week karmic lessons might be a theme. Especially when it comes to negative thinking. These experiences will change your mind drastically within a short time. You come to the realization that fortunately not everything in life is predictable.

For example you might have been cracking your brain over a difficult situation and you couldn’t figure out what to do and then you meet someone who is in the same situation who will help or support you.

Love and relationships

When you are in a relationships this week you realize by shock that everything isn’t as negative as you have thought before. The unexpected could happen this week which makes that you and your partner remember again why you are together in the first place.

For singles it will be a remarkable week in regard to love and relationships as well. Someone unexpected might get in contact with you to help you forward. This person understands your situation and they are happy to help. This person ccould become a good friend or even your lover. Unexpected mutual understanding is a theme for you this week.

In regard to friendships and relationships this week you might be joining a surprise party or someone is surprising you in a positive way.

Job and career

Outcomes will be surprising you this week in regard to job and career. If you had an idea or a statement which you wasn’t sure if people would agree, this week you find out they do. Your employer is probably very happy with you. It could also be that they agree with you that it is time for a new job or position. Surprising mutual agreements are this week a theme and it will be hopeful.

If you are a business owner you might arrange some remarkable connections. This could be a business partner who is on the same level as you are. It could also be a person you didn’t expect to give you a call.

Business owners who are in the same situation as you are might be searching for contact or you will meet them by “accident”.

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2 of swords reversed

Decisions are being made this week or you feel a need to make decisions. It could also be that the people around you feel like they need to make a decision. These decisions could be naive. It seems more like the question IF it is really needed to make a decision. Also confusion in regard to a decision might be  theme this week for you or people you are dealing with.

This week you might need to write things down to remember them or do some research on how things really are for you at the moment to get some overview. When a situation is complex you need to take baby steps to do you work right instead of jumping to conclusions. This makes the work also more pleasurable. Did you collect all the facts first? Then you can move to the next step. Be aware that opinions are not facts in this society.

For students this week there is a lot to learn. If you want to learn something new you need to know that learning new things is only fun when you are learning them in a way that is right for you.

Love and relationships

When your heart and head are not aligned you might have to ask yourself if you should make a decision. Jumping to conclusions will only confuse yourself. Be aware this week to be clear on your situation. If you have doubts about your relationship ask yourself where these doubts are coming from. Be sure you don’t jump to conclusions. Do your research first and be in contact with your intuition.

For singles this week a fling might come to a decision which could come over as naive. So for example they might say that the relationship is over between you while you don’t feel you was in a relationship with them in the first place. This could also be the other way around. So before talking about your “ex” you might need to figure out first what their intentions were.

Job and career

You probably need some information first before you can do the job when you have doubts. Analysis, statistics and the history on a project might remove your doubts. If you have doubts on what path to take do some research first. Don’t defend opinions but facts this week when it comes to doing your job right.

When you are a business owner and you think certain information isn’t correct, find out where this information is coming from. Is it a reliable source of information?

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Excitement in general and maybe ideas about travelling come up this week. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the air but you might find it difficult to combine it with the situation you are in. Maybe you like to go on a holiday, festival or event but you also like to save some money. The excitement is probably taking over and so this week is one of action. Maybe there are some free options out there but this week you choose to have low budget fun.

Things move this week in a way that you might not have planned in the first place but it will inspire you and motivate you. The only solution this week is to go with the flow.

Love and relationships

In regard to love and relationships this week it is like you are into doing fun things with each other. You might make plans for going out and planning trips. Your partner might be into activities and you feel you need a real holiday. This week there is no time to rest because excitement wins from the need to rest and to save money. If you thought you are in a dull relationship, this week proofs otherwise.

Singles might meet new exciting ambitious people who are into doing things that make them thick. This might be very inspiring but they also might be a little too enthusiastic in your eyes. There will be a balance in this friendship because one of you s holding back. The week still is full of excitement. One of you is keeping the break while the other is being the engine. This could also be the way you respond to someone you meet: you feel excited but you also like to hold back a bit and don’t give everything away at once.

Job and career

A project at your work makes you so exciting while you might have planned a holiday. It could also be that your employer have planned an event with all collegues while you already planned a holiday for yourself. No time for breaks this week.

There is a lot of fun stuff to do when you are a business owner. Motivation and inspiration is all around. Go with the flow is the only thing you can do.

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