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May 14 – 20, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading

Week 20

May 14 – 20, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading
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May 14 – 20, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading

May 14




This week you will be finding the missing skill, the missing tool or the missing element to manifest or to make something work you have been dreaming of. If you liked to manifest or reach something for a while and you didn’t know how, this week you will get the opportunity to make it work so keep your eyes open!

For others who choose the color yellow, during this week you make a big impression this week on others by speaking up the truth.

Also positive convictions are becoming reality this week.


Love and relationships


For relationships you need to go after what you really want from your partner on a subconscious level. If you know what kind of relationship you like to experience with your partner you are more near manifesting it. This week you or your partner will be manifesting a situation so you see the truth about an aspect in your relationship. Your partner  leaves you with questionmarks on how they knew that. So for example they are shining a light on an important subject in the relationship or about you that wasn’t clear to you before. They might come up with facts that you never told them before.

Clarity and honesty are an important subject in relationships this week because you will manifest this week your own truth.

In regard to friendships this week you might speak up the truth to someone or you are telling a story about what you know about them that hits the nail and which makes them breathless.

For singles this week you might come across an impressive person who inspires you to move on in regard to love and relationships or you are making your own dreams reality.

Job and career


If you can think and dream of the things you like to reach in life you will get the tools reached this week to make it reality. But what if your dreams are becoming reality? It is time to start thinking about that.

For business owners this week is a great week to tell what your business is all about. If you are a public speaker people will hang on every word you say this week. You might leave yourself questionmarks on how you did that. A great week to not only tell but to demonstrate your audience what is possible with your product or service. It is also possible that you come across a fan who shows you how your product or service helps them.


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9 of swords

Even if you worry a lot, you are still in your strength. When we come across the unpleasant subjects in life we might be worrying and feeling guilty if we are right. The cards this week show that this worry is normal in your situation and that most people won’t handle the situation as good as you are doing. You are a stable and strong person and you can get through this even if it is a difficult period. You should realize that you are handling this well because the cards show that a situation like this is tough.

Love and relationships


In regard to relationships the situation might be tense or you are biting your lips on what will happen next between you and your partner. There is a lot of worry and guilty feelings on both sides. Still you seem to be both strong enough to handle this situation even if it takes a lot from you both. There is mutual respect towards each other and you both see what you have build with each other.

For singles you feel a lot of worry this week. Maybe you have meet someone new and you need to tell them something. In any case you are doing very well even while you worry so much. The cards show that in this situation is pretty tough to act like everything is normal while you need to tell something important to the one you love. Try to take a deep breath and find out how to tell this to them. You are on the right path.

Job and career


There is something you worry about in regard to job and career. Maybe this is because collegues don’t expect something from you that you like to tell them.

Otherwise it could be that your collegues expect too much from you and you need to tell them but this makes you worried. If so, this is not your fault. If people are hiring you they need to hire you for the right job.

For entrepeneurs this week could be stressful but you have what it takes and so people won’t even know that you have a hard time. It could be that you are making such a good deal or that there is so much money involved that you are worrying. The cards show that you are in your strength and that the worry isn’t a bad sign it only makes you more focused at the moment. This doesn’t mean that worry is needed.

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6 of swords

This week is all about forgiveness and moving on. Leaving behind convictions you don’t need anymore so you can view your life from a different perspective. The illusions you had are fading away and so it is time for changes.

Maybe you have travelling plans or you just need to take some time out somewhere else like a short holiday. Travelling for work or visiting new places could be a theme. It all has to do with running away for a while to somewhere else because you are in need peace of mind.


Love and relationships


When we like to run away from our circumstances this doesn’t help to make us stop thinking about our situation. The only way is to deal with it. This week you might feel like you need a break for a while but at the same moment you feel to need to make the situation better. In regard to love and relationships it is like you want to give it all a second try even while you like to run away and leave it all behind you.

For singles this week you might feel the need to visit new places or you are thinking about emigrating to another country. This is because you are not having any illusions anymore about the place where you are. There is an inner conflict because even while you know you can go to another place whenever you like your motivations to move need to be right.  You need a dream or something you like to go for instead of running away. This makes that you are giving the place where you are another try.

Job and career


If you have to travel to another place or country to find work in your area you might be doing some research this week on what the possibilities are. There is some conflict in this, maybe because you don’t want to move bt you feel you don’t have an option. Is this really so?

Thoughts about a new office or workplace as an entrepeneur might come up this week. This is because there is a need for change when it comes to the place where you are right now. Maybe it is an idea to rebuild the same place so you don’t have to move.

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