marriage tarot card combination

Marriage tarot card combinations

Examples of tarot card combinations and their meanings in a marriage tarot reading (all upright):


The Emperor tarot card meanings upright and reversed

4 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversedEmperor and 4 of wands upright – Master of Ceremony

The emperor is all about organizing and planning as an authority. This tarot card combination is the kind of welcome which is formal and solymnly. When the hierophant upright shows up as well this is a traditional ceremony. It could indicate an unconventional ceremony when the hierophant reversed shows up especially when together with the knight of wands reversed. This isn’t a negative sign, it just shows that this couple probably want to marry in another way then a traditional wedding or with a differnt dresscode. For example a couple that is marrying eachother naked during somekind of modern western festival.

The 4 of wands together with the emperor makes this celebration a welcoming and stylish celebration.


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The Emperor tarot card meanings upright and reversedThe Empress tarot card meanings upright and reversedEmperor and Empress upright – Groom & Bride

Husband and wife are often in a tarot reading represented by the empress and the emperor tarot cards.

When you meet this couple in your tarot reading for someone, it doesn’t have to be a heterosexual couple, this card combination could also indicate a homosexual couple that is getting married. Court cards in your tarot reading can clarify if this is a heterosexual couple or a homosexual couple you are doing a reading for.


The lovers tarot card meanings upright and reversedKing of swords and Lovers – “I do” vows

“I do” vows can be represented by this card combination. When the king of swords shows up together with the lovers this person knows what they want and they are able to make the commitment to what they promise you at that moment at a legal level. The king of swords in upright position is a decisive and honest person who sticks to his plan so together with the lovers tarot card this is a honest a long-term commitment that this person makes at this moment.


4 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversedHierophant and 4 of wands – Wedding Bells

This marriage tarot card combination indicates a traditional celebration with your family and friends. 

The hierophant indicates that this is a cultural or traditional and expected wedding. There won’t be anything happening against the norms and values of your culture or society.

The 3 of cups indicates a fun party with friends and family where the happiness is being shared.

The 4 of wands makes that you feel at home with the people you know and you will feel very welcome at this party.

Emperor, empress and fool upright – Honeymoon

Going on a honeymoon could be represented by this card combination. While the fool indicates travelling and a new start, the married couple is represented by the emperor and the empress. The 4 of swords could confirm the honeymoon period.

The empress, emperor and the knight of wands could indicate a young (married) couple that is going on an exciting honeymoon.

The empress, the emperor and the 8 of wands could refer to (married) couple that is going on a short or spontanious holiday.


Rider Waite Tarot deck Centennial version

Justice, empress and emperor – Legal married couple

Ofcourse a wedding is practically about being a legal and registered couple for the government. When this tarot card combination with the justice tarot card shows up and the empress is nearby this is a legal married couple or a couple who have signed a contract because of living together which is registered with authorities. 

The 4 of wands could show up when this couple lives together or bought a house together. Especially when the lovers tarot card is nearby this couple made a long-term commitment in regard to home and living.



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