Love tarot reading spreads

Love Tarot Reading Spreads

In this article I will give an example of how the love tarot reading spread “Does s(he) love me” can be used. In this tarot spread I only use upright tarot cards.

Example: Tracy is in love with her collegue Timothy. She asks the tarot reader how Timothy feels about her.


Card 1.A How Tracy is seeing this relationship

The page of cups indicates that Tracy doesn’t show her feelings to Timothy at work. She is friendly in a decent way.

Card 1.B How Timothy sees this relationship

The hierophant indicates that Timothy sees Tracy as a friend or just a collegue. He doesn’t spot any feelings from her side and so he is not responding towards those feelings. He is just like Tracy responding in a decent way as collegues towards Tracy.

Card 2.A How this relationship makes Tracy feel

The chariot indicates that Tracy is keeping her emotions in check and doesn’t want to show her feelings in this work environment. She is keeping her emotions in control.

Card 2.B How this relationship makes Timothy feel

The 8 of cups shows that there might have been feelings for Tracy, but he is walking away from these feelings. In this tarot reading you can see that both people do have feelings for each other but they aren’ t expressing them openly.

Card 3.A What Tracy adds to this relationship

The high priestess indicates that Tracy knows deep down better. She is not showing her feelings for her colluege in the work environment for a reason. The high priestess is about intuition. Tracy probably knows that this is the best way even while she can’t express her feelings towards him. She also seem to know that these feelings comes from both sides and so he also seem to know while the high priestess is something Tracy is adding to this relationship.

Card 3.B What Timothy adds to this relationship

The wheel of fortune indicates that Timothy adds a good feeling to this relationship. He makes that it doesn’t feel bad that they can’t express feelings towards each other. It is just good the way it is and it makes it probably even a bit special.

Card 4. The status of the relationship

The empress indicates that there is more coming up between them because Tracy isn’t his girlfriend yet and the empress indicates that he has a girlfriend. Since the empress is in the position of the relationship status between them, it is most likely that Tracy becomes someone girlfriend and/or Timothy has or gets a new girlfriend. Let’s take a closer look for more indepth.

Card 4.A How Tracy sees the status of the relationship

The 7 of wands indicates that Tracy is up for more then collegues because the 7 of wands is expressing someones wants and needs and they are standing up for them. This tarot reading is clearly about 2 people who are interested in each other.

Card 4.B How Timothy sees the status of the relationship

Timothy is very happy with this relationship status between them. The only question is why the 8 of cups show ups for his feelings for Tracy. It could be that he doesn’t want to hold back of expressing his feelings anymore for Tracy because the wheel of fortune (fire element) shows that he is probably the one who is going to take action first. But tracy will interact with this because of the 7 of wands.


As you can see in this tarot spread example, there is not much action involved. There are a lot of tarot cards with the water element in it which is about emotions and feelings. Both people do not express their feelings in the work environment but it looks like they understand each other and resonate with each other well because they have the same approach in this situation. They also respect each others choice because non of them is dominating or trying to sweep the other of their feet. It is probably not appropriate to express your feelings in this work environment. The hieropant upright also indicates that they probably have the same etiquettes when it comes to workenvironments. Because the tarot cards from both sides are strengthen each other in regard to the water element and the fire element they interact with each other on a emotional level which develops in action.

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