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The Hierophant tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Examples of tarot cards that often show up in a happy love and marriage tarot card reading:

The Hierophant upright – Tradition

This is a card of tradition and values and norms. A wedding is a traditional ceremony. The hierophant can indicate a traditional marriage that is accepted by society. This major arcana card indicates that the relationship is going to the next level and it could be marriage. Together with the 4 of wands it could indicate that a couple is going to live together.

For feelings the hierophant could indicate feelings of traditional commitment confirmed by society’s norms and values (like marriage). The hierophant could also indicate a spiritual bond between two people. I have seen this card coming up for feelings between two clairvoyant people. This doesn’t always directly indicate feelings of romantic love but it does tell about a strong connection between people probably because their likely on the same page with their norms and values.

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10 of pentacles tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The 10 of pentacles upright – Family

The 10 of pentacles card is a stable family card. When this card shows upright it is about a happy wealthy family who have everything they need. They are a traditional family.

For feelings the 10 of pentacles upright indicates feelings of comfort and stability. For feelings towards you from someone else, this tarot card could indicate that someone has the feelings that they like to start a family with you and/or like to marry you. Numerologically number ten also tells about new beginnings.

10 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The 10 of cups upright – Happiness

The family on the 10 of cups tarot card is the family who feels emotionally fulfilled. They experience happiness and love. This tarot card is about radiant love, having a good time and having an overall sense of well-being. When this card is appearing in your tarot reading in regard to love and marriage, there is a feeling of fullfilment that makes you happy.

For feelings the 10 of cups indicates happiness and happy endings and happy new beginnings. This tarot card could also show up in a reading when harmony is restoring in your relationship.

For marriage this tarot card indicates a marriage with happy moments, love and respect for eachother.

The lovers tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The Lovers upright – Commitment

The lovers is a tarot card of making a major decision from the heart. A next stage in the relationship has set and made a commitment. The person that you have drawed this card for is moving to the next stage and is ready to make a commitment. This decision could be about marrying if appropriate to the situation and when tarot cards like on this page are showing up nearby.

For feelings the lovers tarot card indicates that someone feels ready to commit to a relationship or to make a major decision in the relationship. Together with the empress card upright it indicates unconditional love in a relationship reading.

4 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The 4 of wands upright – Celebration

The 4 of wands is a card of finding a home. It could be about engagement or settling down.

For feelings the 4 of wands tarot card indicates feeling ready for settling down. This card could also indicate happy feelings and celebration to see eachother again after a break. The feelings of the four of wands are very welcoming.

This tarot card could indicate the event, so the marriage by it self.

ace of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The ace of cups upright – The proposal

The ace of cups is representing the pure expression of feelings and emotions. It could indicate beginnings of feelings of being drawn to someone or to the subject “love” in general. The feelings of the ace of cups are not directed yet. When the 2 of cups is nearby it could indicate superficial or starting feelings for a friend or date. When the lovers tarot card is nearby in a tarot love reading it is more about a serious commitment.

The ace of cups shows emotional happenings in someones life. This card could show up as a reaction on a proposal or the proposal by itself.

2 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The 2 of cups upright – The connection

The 2 of cups tarot card shows a man and a woman sharing emotions with each other. This can be a card that represent friends but it could also indicate a start of romantic feelings for each other. These feelings are more about the early stage of falling in love then about a serious relationship although these two people feel a strong emotional bond.

The two of cups could also represent two people who are forgiving each other and are coming back together. They are starting all over.

For feelings the two of cups indicate emotional connection, emotional bond, only having eyes for eachother and feelings of friendship. This could be the reason for more then having a love relationship with each other.

The Emperor tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The emperor upright – The husband

The emperor is a father figure, a married man or a man who is in a steady relationship. He could present the one who is going to be the husband of your children or your broom. Ofcourse this depents on the surrounding cards and the question that is asked. Because it could also represent your own father or even your boss or an official authority figure.

For feelings the emperor indicates serious consideration for commitment. For example when someone likes to be the father of your children. The emperor also tells about planning ahead. When feelings towards someone are presented by the emperor it could indicate that this person is very aware of their feelings for you and they know why. They are ready for more and he could ask you to marry him. The emperor as feelings indicates loyalty.

The Empress tarot card meanings upright and reversed


The empress upright – The wife

The empress is the mother of the tarot deck. She represents abundance and could indicate pregnancy when the empress is seen together in a tarot reading with the sun tarot card, the ace of wands or the ace of cups. This doesn’t always mean that it is literly about pregnancy because it could also indicate wealth and abundance in a financial way. Nature is abundant and so is the empress. She gives abundantly especially when you are gratefull for what she gives and she and is never in lack of something.

As feelings the empress tarot card could indicate nurturing feeling. The empress has plenty to give and she is a grateful receiver as well. She knows the value of gratitude. As feelings towards someone this card could indicates a development and expansion in feelings.

The empress upright in your reading for his feelings could indicate that he sees you as his wife.

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