June 4 – 10, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading

Week 23

June 4 – 10, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading
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June 4 – 10, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading



6 of wands

Hard an efficient work makes that you are having success this week but at the same time you have not the feeling you wouldn’t wanted to be this way. People around might you praise you for what you did and it also felt like there was no other way but still you end up with mixed feelings about it. In the areas you have invested most of you time and energy are about to bloom now. You are being seen for what you are doing because you did it the right way but it could be that you just did not prepare yourself enough for this success and what to do next. There is also a chance that you see success from a different perspective after this week. Success is changable and something to be maintained.

For some of you, you might need to ask yourself if this success touched on a heart level and does it makes you tick or was it just not so exciting as you have thought? What is real success to you?

Love and relationships

Maybe you was longing to be with that girl or guy. This week they show up or they even ask you out. But when you are together it might be different then expected. This week it will be good to realize if you are together with someone for their outer appearances like looks or status or because they make you shine it will feel like you booked success. This week you might realize that when love is coming from a deeper level the feeling you got is not this feeling of success.

For relationships this week you and your partner seem to be on top of the mountain and maybe you are both successful in what you do. It could be that this success and recognition are sometimes like a blockage in the relationship. So this week you might need to find out together what real success is for you as a couple.

Singles might need to be careful to be used as an accessory. You are like honey to the bees this week. Also exes might be returning because they need you. Attention is all around this week for singles but you need to keep an eye on your own intentions and the intentions of the people around. You are shining this week but don’t let someone get the better of you.

Job and career

It could be that you end up this week with success in your area of career and business. You might end up with the money because you worked hard for it. You didn’t had much to eat and no time to sleep but you finally got there, all by yourself. And then for example: You walk out the door with your success and money and then an ex-collegue, who was always there for you, passes you by. You stop and make a chat. His life didn’t went so well. He end up homeless. When you take a look at him you notice he does look a bit like a junkie. Then he asks : “Do you have a place to sleep for me?” So ofcourse you give him a place to sleep because actually you were pals in that time and you know how hard it is, doing it all by yourself. The next day you wake up and want to grab some breakfast in the kitchen. When you walk into the room your whole house is completely empty and you ex-collegue is gone…but you still have your money because luckily you have put it on the bank yesterday. You realize no one will ever understand this story so you realize you probably lost your friends as well. In any case you won’t invite them to your house.

I tell this story because it is something I have been through. The cards that showed up for you reminded me of this kind of success so you need to prepare for success sometimes and take your responsibilities for it. My story was slightly different but you understand the message. This week it looks like you need to prepare another success and everything that comes with it which includes your mindset.

If you like to respond on this story or on how your week is so far feel free to leave your comments below.

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4 of wands

Hospitality and feeling welcome could be a theme for you this week. Also different houses, cultures and properties might be a theme. Having more freedom is the intention. Maybe you move your office, your house or for spending time abroad. If you are about to visit family or friends abroad there is also a sense of freedom attached to it. Maybe because they (are hoing to) live in a nice country for example. Or you start thinking yourself about a bed and breakfast in another country. Hospitality abroad is a theme this week and you can expect a very welcome feeling and a lot of freedom.

Love and relationships

The people you are about to meet this week are giving you new ideas and new perspectives on feeling home and hospitality without being smothered. A fresh wind is blowing, maybe also through the way you see the friendships you have because of these people you are about to meet. You could even have a culture shock because of it. When you experience this you might even ask yourself why you lived the way you did and not otherwise. Welcoming people, other locations or properties will be an eye opener to you this week.

For relationships marriage might be a theme this week. You might meet another couple who are having a different kind of marriage then you saw before which might inspire you. It could be that they are having freedom because of their marriage or just another perspective on marriage. Wedding invitations abroad might be a theme.

For singles this week freedom is a major theme. You might be joining a community with people on the same level in regard to freedom but it could also be that you are exploring freedom on your own. For the ones who are dating, this week you meet people who can give you different perspectives on dating. They are hospitable without having any expectations or it s better to not have any expectations.

Job and career

If you are travelling for work you might need to “get used” to this culture. Not having any expectations is the best way to survive because their mindset is totally different. This very refreshing and you might come home with the feeling that you have been to planet Mars.

For the other who stay at home this week it is best to open your heart and mind and to just see what happens. Maybe you are just having a new job or career. Not having any expectations will be probably the best approach.

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9 of pentacles reversed

If you feel dependent, are in debt or when you are about to start your own company, making the right financial decisions will help to be independent again. The strength tarot card en the 2 of pentacles are showing that you need to find out what the best approach will be. There are choices to be made and financially you still need to do some work before you are comfortable but you are almost there.

Feeling comfortable is a theme this week and you will get it through making the right (financial) decisions. It could be that you need to borrow money if this will help you on the long term.

Love and relationships

You or your partner is dependent or you are dependent on eachother. Maybe you broke up but you still live with each other. Or you still have work to do with each other while the relationship is over. The cards show you have to stand strong and that this is almost over. You are almost independent again.

For relationships this week you might need each other or you are dependent on each other. This makes the situation a bit different then normally and you might consider that things need to change. Your partner or you could be more focusing on what will be best to do in this situation. A time for introspection in the relationship.

Singles are almost there where they want to be if they like to stay single. Comfort is nearby. Introspection is needed to find out what to do next. The cards mostly show that being on your own, retraits and introspection is the main focus this week. So you might be thinking if this is what you want or do you want to experience more in your life. New beginning are already on your doorstep.

Job and career

Maybe your job isn’t paying off as good as you wished or you feel too dependent on your work. Maybe you spend too much time on things that are not important to you. This week you feel it is time for introspection to find out what you want from life. at the moment you are juggling with more tasks at a time.

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