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June 11 – 18, 2018 Weekly

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June 11 – 18  2018 Weekly Tarot Reading
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June 11 – 18, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading




2 of pentacles

Juggling with what tasks, appointments or maybe material items at the moment make you happy probably because you don’t feel like making a choice. You might be trying to find out what has priority and what doesn’t have prioritity in your life.
In the first place you might think about making choices on what makes you happy but the cards show that this week you also need to pay attention to what is possible and realistic from your experiences. Is there really a choice to make? Or is it simply impossible to have more options at one time? Or maybe it isn’t the right time yet to make a choice yet?

If you experience are re-occuring event this week or something like this happend in your life before, you need to be mindful and take a look at how thise experiences ended so you won’t overlook the same thin.

Love and relationships

In regard to love and relationships you might feel you do a little too many things at the same time. Maybe you like to see your friends a little more but you enjoy your time with your partner too much to make time for you friends for example.
But there is something in the choices you think you need to make this week. You might need to keep in mind that you might can not choose one thing of the other when it comes to loved ones.

For singles this week who have multiple dates or potential dates/lovers it is time to become a little more realistic and to think about what the situation as it is would bring you in the future. Does it bring you your desired results? Will you end up alone because you couldn’t make a choice?

For relationships and friendships in general you might be playfully juggling with thoughts and ideas on someone or something. Are you or your friend or ex being naive or are they just very calculated in what they are up to? Also thought like “ there is more fish in the sea” might be running through your mind.

Job and career

You might be juggling between more options this week. When you think which choice makes you more happy you might overlook some possibilities. Maybe there is something else that makes you more happy.

For some of you there are appearing more possibilities this week on your path when it comes to job and career. This makes you need to find out if this is the right path for you. You need to be aware of being clear minded about the choices you make this week.

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High priestess

Some of you might have the feeling this week that you will meet someone from the past or you even know for sure you will. This will be a “lucky meeting”. Even though you don’t want to meet someone in particular it will happen because it is “mean to be” because it will trigger events in your life that will be best for you. These events are like guidance that you will need on your spiritual journey.

This week spiritual meetings or “accidental” meetings could occur with people from the past or you visit places that remind you of the past. These events are mostly happening because they resonate with a next event that will occur. They are like signs that make you very aware of what will most likely happen next.

Your intuition is probably this week very clear or you meet someone who’s intuition is very bright. He or she could be a psychic for example. If this is someone from the past they might help you in regard to your intuition or they give you a spiritual lesson. They might guide you spiritually.

Love and relationships

You might get to understand your partner better on an intuitive level this week. This kind of intuition has to do with past memories. So for example you might have had certain experiences before which make that your intuition is triggered in regard to these experiences. It could also be that you pick up past memories from your partner or they do about you. So if you was wondering last time why your partner react in they way they do, you might get to understand a little better this week.

For singles this week you might meet someone from the past who you “need” to see in order to have more clarity about a theme in your life. This person could be an ex partner or just a friend from the past that makes you understand an important theme in your life.

Job and career

You might get information about a company you previously worked for or you have an intuitive feeling about this company. You enjoyed your time at this company. It could be that they make you understand which path will be best in your career.
There could have been some changes in this company and it will be in your advantage if you are going to work there again.

For business owners you understand this week better your company needs. On an intuitive level you might remember what will work in your favour.

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Page of cups reversed

When you feel embarresed or shy this week you might recognize that there is no good reason to feel like this as an adult but you probably can relate this feeling to your childhood. The cards show this week that there is guidance around you and that you feel you need to do something about it. Maybe some of you are going to work with innerchild healing.

If you have kids and you think your child is hiding this week or is feeling shy, they are not hiding but they are trying to deal with some emotions they have. They are not fully express their feelings because they might need some help with finding the right words. They know what they feel but they might not know the right words for it yet.

For other, this week you might not find the way to express your creativity in the way you would like. So maybe you feel like having a writers block or you need to find the right setting or environment for your creative expressions first.

Love and relationships

If you like to express your feelings to your partner they might come up in the wrong way or your partners doesn’t understand what you mean. It could also be that you are afraid your message will come across childish or you are simply to shy to express your feelings. Inner child issues might come up this week.
If you have difficulty expression your emotions to someone you could also write them down or make a drawing, sing it or do it in another way then normally.
Try this week to find an expression that makes you comfortable expressing your emotions.

For singles you might feel emotions are staying too much on the inside rather then you can express them in the way you like. So when you meet someone new you might feel uncomfortable or you just walk away from them to stay in emotional control. Expressing your feelings in a way that is comfortable for you is the theme this week.

Job and career

Also in regard to job and career you need to find a right way to express what you think or feel. This could be about someones work for example or how they cooperate with you. It could also be that a collegue doesn’t know how to express them self and so they can come over as emotional undeveloped but they are working on it. Don’t be too hard on them.

As a business owner creative tasks might be a theme for you this week and you might wonder how to deal with these tasks. It could also be that you deal with a employee who isn’t diplomatic with his words and you feel yo are dealing with a child. Don’t be too hard on them. It could also be that you need to take a business but you are too shy to do it. Inner child issues might come up but you are guided.


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