celtic cross tarot spread

How to Read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

There are many ways you can use the celtic cross tarot spread and this is one of them. If you like to see an example of how I am doing a tarot reading for someone else with the celtic cross, watch the celtic cross tarot reading video for Dawn.

celtic cross tarot spread
1. Past 

This is what happend before in regard to the theme. It gives you an indication as a reader what happend before in regard to the theme/situation of the querent.

2. Present/Theme

This is what is happening at the moment in the querents life and this is also the theme of the tarot reading. The theme of the tarot reading shows what the situation looks like at the moment for the querent.

3. Near future

This is the most likely that will happen within a few weeks based on what happend before in position 1 and 2. The tarot card in this position could indicate an event that will happen as a result of what happend before.

4. Conscious level

This card represents what the querent is aware of. This tarot card also shows what the querent knows in regard to the theme.

5. Crosses the theme

You can see this card as a challenge in regard to the theme tarot card in position 2 but it could also clarify the theme card in position 2.

6. Subconscious level

This is the tarot card that influences the whole reading because this is what is important to the querent at a subconscious level.

7. How the querent is seeing the situation

How the querent is seeing the situation can differ from what it really is. This position also differs from position 4 because position 7 is about the perspective of the querent which could also be influences by illusions or deceptions. It could be that the querent isn’t aware of something. This will be showing up in this position. Position 4 is what the querent is aware of and which is correct to the situation.

8. How the environment is seeing the situation

This position could show what the environment is aware of and the querent is not aware of. If this is a love reading, this position could show thought or emotions of people who are involved in the situation in regard to the theme.

9. Hopes, dreams and fears of the querent

You can read this position together with positon 1. You can ask yourself: what happend in the past in position 1 and what were the hopes, dreams and fears of the querent?

10. Future position

This is the most likely outcome over a longer period of time in regard to the theme.


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