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How to Read Tarot Cards – Tarot Reading Example Sarah

How to read tarot cards for someone else? In this tarot reading example you will find the tarot reading for Sarah.

Every tarot reader has their own style. In this article and video’s I will explain how ANYONE can do a tarot reading. The video’s will guide you. If you like to experience my tarot readings by yourself: Get a YouTube reading to find out more about my tarot reading style. You will learn a lot from a tarot reading example about your own situation.

I will explain in this article step by step how I came to the outcome of the tarot reading. I use clarification cards in this reading. When you do not use clarification cards (yet), you can just skip this part and continue to read. For explicit descriptions of the tarot card meanings of a specific tarot card in this reading, you can just click on the blue links.

How to Read Tarot Cards – Tarot Reading for Sarah

Sarah’s question was how to get a job and what the next two months would look like.

I use the celtic cross tarot spread for this tarot reading. If you don’t know how you can read the celtic cross tarot spread, first read more about how to read the celtic cross tarot spread.

This tarot reading is an intuitive tarot reading but I do use my tarot reading techniques as well.

Past tarot card: 3 of wands

In the past Sarah saw her ships coming in when she was seaching for a job after putting a lot of effort into finding a job.

Present/theme tarot card: 7 of pentacles reversed crossed by the page of wands

After sawing the seeds there is no reward afterwards. It could be that Sarah has put a lot of effort in finding a job but there are still no results. The page of wands indicates that she is now trying different ways to find a job.

Near future tarot card: queen of wands reversed

Sarah feels exhausted which could result in desperate actions so she has to be aware that she won’t spend money that she needs. Someone might offered her a job when she is paying for something first, like for example education. This could be though for Sarah because she is already exhausted.

On a conscious level: magician reversed

While Sarah has the skills to get the job she wants, she is probably looking in the wrong areas because money is needed at the moment. She can better focus on what she really wants in a job because then she has more chance to succeed finding the right job. When she is going for a fast solution she might get stuck in the same loop over and over (the 7 of swords reversed which was the tarot card that appeared in the beginning).

On a subconscious level: empress reversed

The empress reversed shows that Sarah is worrying because she can’t see yet what she all has already. She needs to find out how she can use what she has in her advantage by using the power of the magician (conscious level) by focusing on what she wants to have instead of what she doesn’t want to have in a job. If Sarah would go for a fast job which she doesn’t like she ends up in the same loop. Everything she needs is there already, she only has to say “yes” to it. It could be that someone offered her a job but she might be doubting if this is the right thing to do, probably because of the money.

How the querent is seeing the situation: emperor reversed

This card shows that there is a need for organization, planning and strategy. Sarah might have been fired or her salary became lower for some reason. There was a lack of planning and organization and this was a shock for Sarah.

How the environment of the querent is seeing her situation: 4 of swords upright

Sarah is getting influenced by the idea that she needs to take a holiday. This would be a confirmation why Sarah can’t find a job right now. Almost all cards are in reverse which means in this reading that she doesn’t see her opportunities and this is confirmed by her environment who tells her to take a break from it. Actually this is just the right time to take action. The magician and the empress take a prominent place in this tarot reading. They show abundance in the way she would like, she only has to say “yes” to it. The magician reversed could indicate that she would be sabotaging herself when she would take a break from finding a job. This could make her again get stuck in the same loop over and over.

Hopes/fears: 9 of pentacles reversed

Sarah has the fear and the hope to not become dependent on anyone because it happend to her in the past and she doesn’t want this to happen again. It could be that she is doubting about her dream job because she is afraid of becoming dependent. She could do her dream job as an independent person or become an entrepreneur but Sarah doesn’t see this yet.

Future: ace of wands reversed

There is a possibility her dreamjob will be on her path soon but she might doubt if it is worth it and if it is the right investment. On this video you saw an example of our YouTube Tarot Reading

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