How to do a tarot reading

How to Read Tarot Cards – Tarot Reading for Kate

How to read tarot cards for someone else? In this tarot reading example you will find the tarot reading for Kate.

Every tarot reader has their own style. In this article and video’s I will explain how ANYONE can do a tarot reading. The video’s will guide you. If you like to experience my tarot readings by yourself: Get a YouTube reading to find out more about my tarot reading style. You will learn a lot from a tarot reading example about your own situation.

I will explain in this article step by step how I came to the outcome of the tarot reading. I use clarification cards in this reading. When you do not use clarification cards (yet), you can just skip this part and continue to read. For explicit descriptions of the tarot card meanings of a specific tarot card in this reading, you can just click on the blue links.

How to Read Tarot Cards – Tarot Reading for Kate

Kates question was how her connection with her partner would develop.

Past, present, future tarot reading

I used a 3-card spread: the past, present future spread. From left to right, the first card is the star tarot card reversed.  The second tarot card is the 5 of cups reversed. The third card is the 6 of pentacles. The cards below are the clarification cards.

Card 1 – past position: the star reversed

This card shows that a difficult time is over. If you like to find out why they had a difficult time, take a look at the clarification cards. The 8 of wands reversed shows that there was a miscommunication or the message didn’t came through. I use the left card to clarify her feelings and situation and the right card, the three of swords for his feelings and situation. The 3 of swords tarot card shows his hurt and heartbreak. We can make the conclusion the miscommunication caused a heartbreak. Because the star tarot card is about hope, the reversed position shows that both of them lost their hope because of this miscommunication. It shows that in fact this case wasn’t that bad as they both saw it in that time. The star reversed is often a sign of negative thinking. The real problem was miscommunication.

Card 2 – present position: the 5 of cups reversed

There is sadness in the present about this event in the past. The miscommunication did create sadness in this relationship in combination with the loss of hope. This results in him becoming more independent and living his own life. After this heart break you see to times the number 9 showing up for him which is connected to the hermit tarot card and shows withdrawel from the situation and the relationship because of the hurt he experienced.

Card 3 – future position: the 6 of pentacles

After this experience Kate and her partner are seeing each other again. The 6 of pentacles indicate friendly gestures and it shows that Kate and her partner are more open towards each other. In the future it is most likely that they will understand each other better because the communication will be better. The illusions that Kate had about her partner are fading away and he is again ready to end his time of withdrawel.

This was an example on how to read tarot cards and how to do a tarot reading with.

In this video you saw an example of our YouTube Tarot Reading.

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