4 Steps on how to read different tarot decks then Rider Wait Smith (RWS)

4 Steps on how to read different tarot decks then Rider Wait Smith (RWS)


The Rider Wait Smith deck is one of the most popular tarot decks. The Rider Wait deck has a lot of great ingredients for a beautiful tarot reading….. But since there are a lot of other beautiful tarot decks on the market, there are other decks that might have attract your attention. Probably there are not a lot of books about this tarot deck, which can make you feel uncertain if you should try to read this deck. In this post I will tell how you can still read different tarot decks then the Rider Wait deck, even if you can’t read tarot perfectly yet.

There are also some pro’s and cons which you can consider when you choose your own tarot deck to start with. Find out first which one is appropriate to your situation. Then read here how to read your new tarot deck:


  1. Recognizion

Aks your question to your tarot deck, take a card from the deck and take a look at it. Which number does this card have? Is it a minor arcana card, a court card and which suit are represented? If you found out this information it could be that you are already recognizing the card from the RWS deck. If the tarot deck is completly different, or you don’t read RWS decks, you can take a look at what is happening on the image. Prescibe what you see and how you can relate it to the suits. Is it for example a card from the suit of cups: what emotion is attached to this card?

2. Numerology

What number is on the card and what does this number mean? How can you connect the meaning of the number to the symbolism on the card? And how can you connect the number to the suits the are represented on the tarot card?

In this ebook about numerology you can read more about the meanings of numbers in tarot.

3. Read the litlle book that comes with the tarot deck

To check if the tarot deck falls together with how you see the images. If this is completly different then how you see it, it doesn’t directly mean that you don’t have a connection with the tarot deck. Reading tarot is mostly about your rules then about other peoples rules (ofcourse you will need a strong fundament to the tarot basics first). This is because you are the tarot reader, so you have to read them.

Just keep both of the meanings (your meaning and the meaning in the book) and write your meanings of the card down in your journal. This meaning might change over time when you learn more about how you like to work with this tarot deck.

4. If you can already read the RWS before you could read this tarot deck, try to be open minded to new points of view

It is important to have an open view on your new tarot deck. Because you can learn a lot of your new tarot deck it would be a pity if you wouldn’t learn something new of this deck.

Let us know how you read tarot decks that are different from the RWS deck by leaving a comment below.




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dana wills

It is an excellent way to begin.
First of all, once you purchase your new deck of cards (and book(s)), you will need to mix up all the cards as in 78 card pick-up before storing them. Examine the cards and their meanings. Read the “how to” section and make a reading journal for yourself with a spiral notebook. This will help you more than you can imagine.