How to make money reading tarot cards (professionally)

How to make money reading tarot cards (professionally)

How to make money reading tarot cards is a good question but even more: you just need to start doing it. How do I know? Because I had an Etsy shop and I did tarot readings for more then 100 customers in the 1st year. Yes, not 100 orders but 100 customers! Besides the Etsy shop I have my own webshops. Is that the only way to earn money with tarot? Nope! In 4 steps you can make money reading tarot cards. Read More >>

1. Learn to read tarot

As logic as it sounds you need to learn to read the tarot. Without having the skills your customers will know subconsciously that you don’t have the skills. They might return to you but the conversations will be less resonating with them. So they might even return more often but they will be left unsatisfied and you will be probably left demotivated or even burned out. In order to earn money with anything you need to have the skills, good service and the knowledge to offer. So if you like to sell tarot readings, you need to know how to read tarot.

2. Be comfortable as a tarot reader

So you think you need excellent communication skills as a tarot reader? Or a big wallet because you need an expensive website? If you think so, you will be surprised what I am going to tell you. YOU DON’T NEED ANY OF THESE! So what do you need to do? Well, what you need to do is find someone who wants a tarot reading. If they like it you can ask money for it.

Most people are uncomfortable approaching new people and most people are uncomfortable asking for money. This is because most people are not entrepreneurs nor sellers. Maybe you earn money at this moment at a company who pays out your salary. This company already found  customers for you and so you can help this company with your specialism, your job skills and job experiences. If you are comfortable with finding your own customers you can do research on how to start a tarot business or become a tarot freelancer. If you are not comfortable with finding your own customers and you like to save time, it is possible to get a job as a tarot reader as well. The essence and most important part is that you are a confident tarot reader and to become aware how you prefer to earn your money for your services: as a freelancer, a business owner or an employee.

3. ADD VALUE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN with your tarot readings

What did you buy last time and was this product or service meaningful to you? What value did this product r service add to your life? Did it made your life easier, more comfortable or satisfied? Would you be a returning customer and buy again with them? The more value you add to your services, the more chance that your customers return to you.

That is why HealingTarot.Net is about tarot for personal development. It is not JUST tarot, it is tarot for personal development, healing and transformation. When you add such a goal to your tarot readings, you already brand yourself as a business or as a freelance tarot reader. So what do YOU offer as a tarot reader? What personal skills and experiences do you have as a person that could help your customers? For example when you are an astrologer you could add astrology to your tarot readings. Or when you are a hairdresser why don’t you give your customers a tarot reading in the meanwhile? Don’t copy, be authentic. Be creative and grateful for the skills and life experiences you have.

4. Execute your services

If you feel you prefer to work as a tarot reader in a company there are several options out there. You just need to apply for the job if you feel confident as a tarot reader. When you like to start you tarot business you need to do research not only on being a tarot reader but also to develop entrepreneurial skills.

And if you still do not make any money with doing tarot readings, don’t worry! It is just not that easy. Fine tune your processes, believe in yourself and never give up.

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What a great idea to do tarot via Etsy! I’m going to look into this, thanks.

English Tarot Reader, Miami.