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How Does a Tarot Reading Work?

A short intro

From 2004 I started my spiritual healing journey and came across many valuable healing methods. I started the website HealingMethods.net which was mainly a website with a lot of information on personal development and healing. I launched the website HealingTarot.Net in 2014 because the goal was to help people to get clarity over their situation and to overcome their blockages with what I learned during my journey.

HealingTarot.Net is all about tarot and healing. That is why we offer tarot readings for personal development with the goal to detect blockages with tarot readings and to heal these blockages.

I am a consciousness artist and my background is in art. I graduated as a multimedia designer and as an artist at the art academy. I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and I still practice Qi gong. I don’t like to hang on too much to one way of seeing things.

You can find more information about my art projects at https://www.charisfelice.com.

Ever experienced this

If you ever had a tarot reading before, did you understand your tarot reading right away every time? After a tarot reading you might want to take some time to let the tarot reading sink in. Often most part of the tarot reading is clear but it does happen that you hit a subject which is a much deeper subject which is connected with other layers that still needs healing. Often these parts are more difficult to understand right away. For example this is when you say to the tarot reader: “This doesn’t resonate with me”, while when you think a little longer, you realize it does resonate. This can happen and so not to skip this part you need t have the chance to ask the tarot reader about it.

It’s a pity when you missed the message. And so it is a pity when you can not ask any question to the tarot reader afterwards. It is not only frustrating for you as a customer but for the tarot reader as well because you probably think it was a bad tarot reading. So what to do with all these questions that are coming up? Order another 100 tarot readings?


How we work

  1. Because we like to work efficient towards our goal we offer 1 free follow up after every email and video tarot reading. In this way we make sure you have all the information you need so you get REAL clarity over your situation.
  2.  When you acknowledged you situation after a tarot reading and you know what needs to be done you might come across blockages. The situation might happen all over again or you see the same subject is happening in your life all over again. Of course it is nice to have a tarot reader that is telling you what is going on but what can you do yourself about it to prevent yourself from doing it all over again? This is also the reason why people can’t stop watching the free tarot reading videos. It is addictive because you don’t have to do anything yourself.
  3. HealingTarot.Net is helping you to take back control over your life. We do not hold your hand but we reach you the tools to continue your own journey.

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