Court cards as a person

How do I know when a court card represents a person?

Sometimes you will see in a tarot reading that many court cards appear in your tarot reading. It could also happen that you just don’t know if you can read it as a person or as a situation or message. In this article you will read how you can see if a court card represents a person, situation or message.

When to read a court card as a message

 page of cups

Pages are from origin the messengers. They are inviting people and they are telling the news. The page can been seen as a message. The page of swords for example represents good and bad news because this page is just telling it like it is, no matter how people feel about it. He is honest and to the point. The page of cups represents sweet and innocent news. This tarot card could represent a friendly invitation or a love letter for example. The page of wands could represent an action oriented message or invitation. There could be a party and you are invited for example when this card shows up. When the page of pentacles shows up in your reading it could be news about money or it represents something you learn or will find out if this card shows up in the future position.

When to read a court cards as a person

All court cards represent human characteristics. It actually doesn’t matter so much in the beginning of your tarot reading to know if a certain court card represent a particular person or a characteristic. The court cards are all about human behavior. We have all the characteristics of all the court cards. In some situation we might react like the queen of pentacles. For example when a friend needs someone to care for them, the queen of pentacles might show up for you because you are giving them care or shelter. This doesn’t mean that you are in any situation respond like the queen of pentacles.

Another example. When the king of swords appears in your tarot reading it could be that this is related to someone who is involved in the question of your tarot reading but it doesn’t have to. The court card could also represent your own behavior or as an advice on what behavior will be most in your advance in this situation. When a certain court card appears it isn’t so much about them, you need to take a look at the complete tarot reading. This human behavior is an effect on a cause. So don’t focus to much on “who is this” but rather understand how this tarot card correspond to the other tarot cards. The king of swords could show because all people who are involved in the situation need to make a decision. So it doesn’t have to be one person but about human characteristics in this situation.

When to read a court card as a situation or atmosphere

Knight are from origin the ones who bring the message across through travelling. This news affects a bigger group of people then a message from a page. The message of a page could also have a wider reach but not from the page, so the source itself. The knights are the source of the message but they are travelling around so the message will come across loud and clear. This has an influence on the atmosphere between people and in their situation.

For example the knight of wands brings a heated atmosphere so he could have news that make people enthusiastic or maybe angry when he shows up in reversed. Also being up fo partying could be represented by this energetic night. It is all about putting effort and energy into something but the knight do not have a clear goal yet like the kings and queens have. The knight of cups could bring a romantic atmosphere and brings creativity and dreams to the surface. When the knight of swords shows up the atmosphere can be cold because they are bringing messages that they think people need to know or need to hear which leads to discussion.


All court cards are about human characteristics. The kings and queens are the developed versions of the page and the knights since the pages are the youngest and after that the knights. Check on this website the tarot card meanings of the court cards in the minor arcana library to find out more about each tarot court card card.



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