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Healing Anxiety, Panic and Fear

There are more ways that lead to Rome but I can tell you this is a pretty powerful way to get there where you want to get. I got rid from fears, panic attacks and anxiety within 10 minutes.

In this video below I will introduce you to the EFT healing technique which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. I use this technique since 2005 and because it worked well for me I did some research on why this works. As a result I studied Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007. I still practice Qi Gong and I am (next to art) fascinated by the healing capacities of the human body.

I am not a doctor and you always have to take responsibility for your own well being.

More info is coming up!


Leave a comment below when you are interested in more videos like this and I will upload them here as soon as possible.

EFT Tapping points:

eft tapping points

Also watch the corona virus tarot reading:


Oprah & Gary on Fear and the Soul

I found this video and I think it is a beautiful way to understand fears and how to deal with fears and anxiety on a spiritual level.


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