good or bad tarot cards

Good or Bad Tarot Cards

good or bad tarot cardsNegative tarot cards?

A starting tarot reader once told me that he thought the tower card was a scary one and that it is a bad tarot card to get…. Do bad tarot cards exist and when do we receive bad tarot cards? And what are the positive tarot cards of the deck?

If we take a look at a tarot deck we see different kind of cards. Sunny and loving pictures but also darker type of cards. If we ask ourself what tarot cards are representing, we see that the pictures on tarot cards picture mirror moments and phases in a human life. There are moments that we feel good, that we have positive thoughts and creative ideas. But we also have sometimes darker thoughts, sad feelings and feelings of boredom. Tarot cards are symbolizing all these moments in life.

Tarot cards like: death, the tower, the hanged man and the devil are often misunderstood. When we look at these pictures we see scenes that some beginning tarot readers associate with negative cards. They are interpret as bad or negative tarot cards. The name of the death card might make you think literly about death, but when we take a look at the meaning of the card this is not what it means. The death card is about transformation, so change. And many people do not like change. So does the tower card, because this card is about a sudden change and this is interpret as even worse to a lot of people. The “bad” tarot cards have often to do with change, release and letting go (of the past). Does this make the tarot card bad? I think more that the cards that you might not like tell a lot about what you have difficulty with in life. So these “negative” tarot cards are just helping you to find the repeating patterns in your life.

So what is your “bad” tarot card of the tarot deck? 

If a tarot card has a positive or negative meaning to you also depents on your question. If you are sick of your job and you ask the cards: “How are the circumstances in order to my job” and you get the death card, it is a very positive card to get. It means that there will be changes and they will occur in a natural way.

Another one is if you are searching for an answer to your question for a while and you didn’t got any clarity, the tower card will tell you that the air will be cleared. This card is definitly a “shift”card. The huge transition is mostly what is received as “bad” when people read it as negative in a reading.

Tarot card combinations

When these “bad” tarot cards are drawn together with other “postive”cards, the meaning of the card can shift into very positive. For example when you receive the tower card together with the sun. This combination could mean that you are getting a sudden positive insight. Old dark believe may melt and there will be sudden clarity in your life.

tower upright tarottarot sun upright

Positive Tarot Cards?

You probably have some favorite tarot cards. If you take a look at these cards, why do you like them so much? And can you relate them to things that happened in your life that you liked a lot?

As it works with negative cards, it works the same for positive tarot cards; tarot cards that you thought that are positive can turn out to have a undesirable meaning. Often it depents on the sitiuation if a tarot card has a positive or negative meaning. For example when the ace of cups upright shows up together with the empress, this could indicate pregnancy. This is absolutly positive for a lot of people but in the context of dating someone for the second time it might be not the right timing.

So tarot cards can work like a mirror and they tell about life. There are “good” periods and “bad” periods in a human life. Tarot readings can also make you aware of patternsof behavior.Tarot readings can make you conscious about your approach to the subjects that keep you occupied.


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