fake psychics

Fake Psychics

I like to share something because this is a common subject for tarot readers, psychics and everyone who ever got a reading or is searching for a reader.
The words fake psychic and psychic scam seem to do very well on Google. But…what are fake psychics actually?


Yesterday I had a client which had a different perspective on the subject of the reading then the information I received.
She fell in love with a married friend and wanted to know if he would leave his wife. This friend was telling her that his relationship with his wife was already not working for years and this lady was open to listen to his stories and had the feeling he would deserve better.
The result of this reading of course was a shock to her. It turned out he had children with his wife and that he is still very passioned about his family but at the same time he liked to do some “experiments” outside of this relationship.
In this case, which might sound familiar for readers, the challenge is to find a way to be honest with the querent and at the same time to be very clear about the kind of information you get. Of course this client wasn’t very happy to hear the “news”. I got within an hour an email from her that she totally disagrees, that the reading was inaccurate and it is such a nice man….
Such moments could really make you feel like you are wasting your time as a reader but you know it could be the most grateful client in the end.


Maybe you feel doubt as a reader on what you did was right and maybe you just had a bad day…. The things is: why would a client like to meet a reader like you who is giving a different perspective on the situation? And why should tarot cards always be exactly on the right place and the right time and you as a reader not? Even if the reading is received well, the fact that this information is coming out so strong is for a reason (which doesn’t mean that you can just give bad readings and use this explanation as an excuse). The reading has to resonate with the client to be “correct”. If the client is really touched by your reading and they respond back, you know the reading did it’s work. It doesn’t matter if this is a happy response, angry response or sad response from the client.


Readings are not always literly. Everyone has to take his own responsibility in life, the reader as well as the querent. The reader is a human being and his task is not to be a god where you have to listen to and which is always right. The reader came on your path because you value this concept at this moment of time the most for getting an answer. So if you ever had a reading that resonates with you as a querent (in any way), you know that the reader can shift your perspective on subjects in no time because you are consciously open to it more because you want it. This is also why you have to take responsibility for your own well being, ANYTIME. There is no such thing as a fake psychic, but you of course you need to be aware because scammers exist in any industry.

When you visit a scammer you put your story in the hands of some stranger you don’t know. Remember that a real psychic often doesn’t ask too many questions and they should be doing the talking more then you. And they shouldn’t ask for details that are too personal in advance. In fact visiting a psychic should be more secure for your personal details then visiting Google.

A psychic is not some kind of god. It is someone who is open to share his perception. A perception. How can that be fake?

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