Does (s)he love me tarot spread

Does (s)he love me tarot spread vs. Do we resonate with each other

Does (s)he love me is one of the most popular burning questions to ask tarot. Let’s take a look first at the question itself.

Does (s)he love me tarot spread vs. Do we resonate with each other

Loving someone has for everyone a different meaning because we are all different and so we like different kinds of relationships. Ofcourse we are all influenced on how a love relationship should be because of the movies and commercials we ever saw. But in reality, when you are having a good heart to heart conversation with someone about in what kind of relationship they want to be in, there are differences in priorities for example.

Ofcourse the basics will be the same for most of us but there is an overall tendency to think that we all think the same about relationships, which can be a big mistake when you realize you are in the wrong relationship. “Do we resonate with each other?” is probably much more preferable in your situation then of (s)he love you. Asking the right questions is important in live to get the right answers.

What kind of relationship do you like to be in?

“Does s(he) love me” sounds somewhat co-dependent and because we like to have sparkling relationships we will take a look at how much you resonate with each other. If someone loves you has more value when you are on the same wave length. When your partner feels that things aren’t going well with you it is preferable that he takes action on it and the other way around, right? If you are not on the same wave length he doesn’t even notice that it s not going well with you. Resonating with each other is a basic need for a stable relationship and to be willing to understand each other.

Tarot Spread

With this tarot spread you will get an overview on how you both see the relationship or friendship. This tarot spread is not so much about your direct feelings but how you both see the relationship when you observe the relationship from a distance. If you observe your relationship from a distance it could be easier to find out what can be improved or if you are resonating with each others thoughs and feelings about the relationship.

This is also a good tarot spread to do together with your partner if you are in a long-term relationship.

Does (s)he love me tarot spread

1.A How you see this relationship

1.B How (s)he sees this relationship

2.A How this relationship make you feel

2.B How this relationship makes him/her feel

3.A What you add to this relationship

3.B What (s)he adds to this relationship

4. The status of the relationship

4.A How you see the status of the relationship

4.B How (s)he sees the status of the relationship

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