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The daily healing tarot reading is all about getting the most out of your day. By becoming conscious of your opportunities and challenges of the day you are able to gain clarity over your situation and to make your own decisions with more confidence. You will find the tarot combination meanings of the daily healing tarot video’s for today on this page. Click on the picture below to watch the complete video:

This tarot deck is used in this video:


Daily tarot card combinations:

Devil upright clarified by the king wands upright and knight of swords upright

Devil upright + king wands upright = Feeling obliged to be the leader or to take on the leadership role. Feeling anxious of the position or status you have right now. It could also be the fear of taking control in a certain situation but you are capable of doing so with the king of wands. Also conqering fears could be represented by this tarot card combination.

Devil upright + knight of swords upright = Fighting fears, addictions and anxieties with thoughts and sayings to control your own mind.

King wands upright + knight of swords upright = Taking control and leadership over your life by spreading the word or to coach people in a way but it could be a bit radical.

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