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The daily healing tarot reading is all about getting the most out of your day. By becoming conscious of your opportunities and challenges of the day you are able to gain clarity over your situation and to make your own decisions with more confidence. You will find the tarot combination meanings of the daily healing tarot video’s for today on this page. Click on the picture below to watch the complete video:

This tarot deck is used in this video:


Daily tarot card combinations:

Fool upright clarified by page of swords upright and wheel of fortune reversed

Fool upright + page of swords upright = Being open to speak up about what’s on your mind and heart. This could also indicate a radio jingle or short song. The first words of a baby could also be represented by this tarot card combination. Another meaning could be speaking up about a new start.

Fool upright + wheel of fortune reversed = The start doesn’t seem very fortunate but in the end this is the best for your highest good. Being open to whatever is coming is important even when it doesn’t seem the right thing to do.

Page of swords upright + wheel of fortune reversed = When you are very direct about something you might feel afterwards it was better not to but this is honest and so it will tun out in your favor in the end is what these tarot cards could indicate in your tarot reading. When you are getting honest feedback it might feel unlucky but in the end this feedback will help you.

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