DAILY TAROT READING November 25 2019

Daily Tarot Reading November 25 2019 | KNOW WHEN TO STOP | HealingTarotNet

The daily healing tarot reading is all about getting the most out of your day. By becoming conscious of your opportunities and challenges of the day you are able to gain clarity over your situation and to make your own decisions with more confidence. You will find the tarot combination meanings of the daily healing tarot video’s for today on this page. Click on the picture below to watch the complete video:

This tarot deck is used in this video:


Daily tarot card combinations:

Queen of swords upright clarified by 2 of pentacles upright and king of pentacles reversed

Queen of swords upright + 2 of pentacles upright = When you or someone is aware of the wishy-washy behavior of someone else or yourself. You seem to know where this behavior leads to because of experiences you had before. It doesn’t mean that this outcome that you have in mind is true but it is based on logical conclusions and calculations. This combination could also indicate playing around with different options that are on your mind.

Queen of swords upright + king of pentacles reversed = Being logical is not always practical. When you know that a business idea is not going to work because it isn’t logic. This tarot card combination could also show up when you already know by logic that something isn’t going to work out for you, it could make you impractical about this subject because you are too focused on logic. You might cut things out that are in reality needed.

2 of pentacles upright + king of pentacles reversed = Finding out what your needs are and what options are most practical in your situation. The advice is to choose the most practical option. So for example when it comes to job and career you might want to make sure it brings in money and/or security and stability.

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