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The daily healing tarot reading (which includes info on how to read the tarot card combination meanings of all cards of the day) is all about getting the most out of your day while watching these videos. You will find the tarot combination meanings of the daily healing tarot video’s for today on this page. Click on the picture below to watch the complete video:

This tarot deck is used in this video:


Daily tarot card combinations:

2 of wands reversed clarified by queen of swords reversed and 5 of cups upright

2 of wands reversed + queen of swords reversed = Not taking any risks because you feel you might come over as naive or too calculative but you might forgot about why you should take that bold action. There might be a chance on your path that you need to take even when it doesn’t feel comfortable.

2 of wands reversed + 5 of cups upright = Feeling sad because you didn’t take a certain opportunity because you felt it was too risky.

queen of swords reversed + 5 of cups upright = Feeling sad that you might have been too naive over something. You might have used you head instead of your heart while it was a matter of heart.


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