DAILY TAROT READING December 13 2019

Daily Tarot Reading December 13 2019 (ALL SIGNS) | DID THEY MISUNDERSTOOD YOU? | HealingTarotNet

The daily healing tarot reading (which includes info on how to read the tarot card combination meanings of all cards of the day) is all about getting the most out of your day while watching these videos. You will find the tarot combination meanings of the daily healing tarot video’s for today on this page. Click on the picture below to watch the complete video:

This tarot deck is used in this video:


Daily tarot card combinations:

9 of swords upright clarified by 7 of wands reversed and 2 of cups reversed

9 of swords upright + 7 of wands reversed = When you worry over something that you done that doesn’t make any sense. Another explanation could be that you are having worries while you know it doesn’t make any sense to worry about this.

9 of swords upright + 2 of cups reversed = Worrying that you are not on the same page as the other party while you both are. When you and the other person are not able to make that connection with each other you start to worry over this friendship or relationship while the only thing you need to do is being in contact with each other.

7 of wands reversed + 2 of cups reversed = Not seeing any reason why you would be on the same page as the other party or the other way around.

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