DAILY TAROT READING December 12 2019

Daily Tarot Reading December 12 2019 (ALL SIGNS) | TRANSLATING FEELINGS INTO WORDS | HealingTarotNet

This tarot deck is used in this video:


Daily tarot card combinations:

Page of pentacles reversed clarified by 3 of pentacles reversed and 2 of wands reversed

Page of pentacles reversed + 3 of pentacles reversed = When you find it hard to find out why there is no cohesion or a lack of collaboration. Also when you are in the process to find out how to find synergy between different worlds, people or different subjects. The results of your study will be growth and developments when you find out how to bridge the gap between subjects or people.

Page of pentacles reversed + 2 of wands reversed = Learning how to respond faster or to take action more fast. When you learn to take bold action that involve risks.

3 of pentacles reversed + 2 of wands reversed =  Teamwork and collaboration can only take place when someone is taking action first, someone needs to trigger collaboration.

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