daily tarot reading December 4 2018

Daily Tarot Card Reading December 4 (2018)

Daily Tarot Card Reading December 4 (2018) #dailytarot

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This tarot deck is used in this video:

Tarot card combinations:

justice reversed clarified by 9 of pentacles reversed and 2 of pentacles reversed

justice reversed clarified by 9 of pentacles reversed = Becoming (in)dependent after a divorce. Becoming dependent because of injustice happend. Dependent on judgement of external factors. Being handcuffed.

justice reversed clarified by 2 of pentacles reversed =Dropping the ball because of injustice. Finding out that something is just not meant for you. Advocate who is not taking on the job to help the victim because there is not enough money being paid by the victim.

9 of pentacles reversed + 2 of pentacles reversed = not being able to do something all by yourself. Money is being managed by someone else.

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