Dior tarot

Christian Dior Tarot Collection 2018

Dior tarot

Tarot always was a popular subject, but it seems to get even more accessible with the tarot trends of today. The Wild Unknown tarot deck and many other trendy decks were reasons why tarot and the occult became popular subjects. Many of these tarot decks became reality because of the people who supported the artists on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Also fashion designer Christian Dior responds to this trend, together with Maria Grazia Chiuri, who designed a tarot collection for Dior. I find it personally pretty funny that Christan(ity) and Maria are totally into tarot.

Dior Tarot Spring/Summer Collection 2017

Earlier this year the Christian Dior tarot pouches and bags became a hit. There were many YouTube fashionistas that proudly unpacked their tarot pouch. Tarot cards like the sun, the moon, the star, the devil, the wheel of fortune and the lovers tarot cards are transformed into practical and fashionable bags, dresses and pouches.

The Christian Dior tarot collection exists out of bags, pouches, dresses and jackets. The queen of wands tarot card dress is inspired by the Mother Peace tarot deck by Karen Vogel like the other dresses in this collection.

Mother earth tarot deck queen of wands
Mother earth tarot deck queen of wands


Tarot Dior
Tarot Christian Dior – Queen of Wands Tarot Dress

Dior Tarot Autumn/Winter Collection 2017/2018

More tarot trends

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What do you think of these tarot trends? And what kind of tarot trends did you spot? Let us know by leaving your comment below.



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