Cheat sheet lean tarot free tarot course

Free Online Tarot Course by Email

Learn Tarot – Start Today! ✓ Build a strong foundation for your tarot readings ✓ Learn about all subjects in tarot like tarot card meanings, combinations, reversals and how to read court cards. ✓ Videos on how to read tarot spreads ✓ Get overview with the complete tarot course Cheat…

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The healing journey Dennis Barbion

The Healing Journey of: Dennis Barbion (Interview)

The Healing Journey of: Dennis Barbion (Interview by Charis Felice) How did YOU survive the hot weather last week? I went swimming in Belgium! I went to the city Brugge which is a beautiful fairy tale city close by the sea. Besides the sea there is a lot of cultural…

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Dior tarot

Christian Dior Tarot Collection 2018

Tarot always was a popular subject, but it seems to get even more accessible with the tarot trends of today. The Wild Unknown tarot deck and many other trendy decks were reasons why tarot and the occult became popular subjects. Many of these tarot decks became reality because of the…

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Misja van Laatum divination card system sketches 2016

Interview – The divination card system of Misja van Laatum

Every year, many new tarot decks are being published. But are there different card systems that are as complete as tarot? And are there new card systems on the market? Misja is an artist, developer, designer and illustrator who lives in The Netherlands (Europe). With his multiple talents he is now creating his own divination card…

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Knight of Cups movie – 2015

Knight of cups – The Movie – 2015   Director: Terrence Malick Duur: 1 u 58 m Scenario: Terrence Malick Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki Release Date: March 4, 2016   Official website:| Facebook| Twitter| Instagram     Knight of Cups – The Movie – Review  Last year I went to a tiny movie…

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zodiac signs

Horoscope UP dates – Your real zodiac sign

Horoscope UP dates – Your real zodiac sign   Actual Horoscope Sign dates – True horoscope dates – Tarot, astrology signs and mindshifts. Tarot works fine in combination with astrology. Each tarot card is connected to a zodiac sign and can give more insight in characteristics of a person. When the king of…

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