tarot card combinations are you a healer

Healing tarot card combinations: Are you a healer?

Tarot card combinations that indicate healers and their healing abilities. Spot healing and healers in your tarot readings. All tarot card combinations below are in upright position. Do you like to know your specific tarot card combination? Add your tarot card combination to our list here (only for members): https://www.healingtarot.net/tarot-card-combinations-meanings/

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how to choose a tarot deck healing tarot net

How To Choose a Tarot Deck That is Right For You

You might have come across some beautiful tarot decks already, but can you read them? There are many stunning tarot decks that look very pretty. Especially right now there are a lot of trendy tarot decks on the market. Besides that it is just very exciting to experiment and to…

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tarot numerology free e-book

Tarot & Numerology – Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot & Numerology – Tarot Card Meanings   Numerology is an important part of the tarot card meanings. If you do not understand numerology, your tarot card meanings are not complete. Numerology is about the meanings of numbers on a tarot card. Download this ebook about all the basics you need to know about…

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tarot card numbers numerology

Tarot card numbers in a tarot reading

Tarot card numbers do influence the reading a lot and that makes it is a very important subject in doing tarot card readings. Before doing this excercise: Download this FREE ebook to understand tarot & numerology.   How you can use numerology in your tarot readings This is an example of a business…

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reconciliation tarot cards the return of your ex

Reconciliation Tarot Cards & The return of your Ex

Will he ever come back tarot card combinations: The 2 of cups upright: This card is about connection and having eyes for each other (again). Getting back in touch with each other could be represented by the two of cups upright. This tarot card could be indicate forgiveness or making up a…

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love marriage tarot cards healingtarotnet

Love & Marriage Tarot Cards

Love & Marriage Tarot Cards Examples of tarot cards that often show up in a happy love and marriage tarot card reading: The Hierophant upright – Tradition This is a card of tradition and values and norms. A wedding is a traditional ceremony. The hierophant can indicate a traditional marriage that…

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reversed tarot cards

3 Reasons to learn to read reversed tarot cards

When you shuffle your tarot deck, it happens sometimes that you draw an upside down tarot card.  This is what we call a reversed tarot card. Many tarot readers use reversed tarot cards by purpose. When you google for “reversed tarot cards” you will notice that they are are also called tarot card…

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Reversed tarot cards

How to read reversed tarot card meanings

Why read reversed tarot cards The more combinations you can get with tarot cards, the more detailed you can be with your tarot readings. For me it has some imbrication lapping with categorizing and making indications. If you would categorize all the people in the wold in 16 categories (like the myers brigg type…

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tarot card combinations

4 Steps on How To Read Tarot Card Combinations as a Pro

How to read tarot cardcombinations? There are many combinations possible with tarot cards. That is why I publish this post “How to read tarot combinations“. On this website I like to share my knowledge about the fundamental basics of learning tarot for personal development. You can find all tarot card…

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good or bad tarot cards

Good or Bad Tarot Cards

Negative tarot cards? A starting tarot reader once told me that he thought the tower card was a scary one and that it is a bad tarot card to get…. Do bad tarot cards exist and when do we receive bad tarot cards? And what are the positive tarot cards of the deck? If we take…

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tarot pairs that show up often tarot spread

Tarot Pairs that show up often in your readings

Sometimes it happens that the same tarot pair is showing up in different readings for the same person. This is doesn’t happen a lot but it happend to me a few weeks ago. I was drawing the tarot pair Empress + High Priestess more often in a row, exactly next to eachother. I do…

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missing suits in tarot reading

Missing suits in tarot readings

Missing suits like no cups or no swords in a tarot reading. Does it mean something if one of the suits (wands, cups, pentacles or swords cards) do not show up in your tarot reading? For example if you have drawn 10 tarot cards for your tarot reading but non of them are…

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5 tips on how to interpret tarot clarification cards

Not every tarot reader makes use of clarification cards. Some readers only use them once in a reading when a tarot card is not clear to them and other readers use them more often. The way people use clarification cards is different as well. In my opinion the reading is always about the…

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court cards in tarot

Appearances of the tarot court cards

Tarot court cards can reflect people or someone that you know but a court card is often not a particular person. One court card can even can reflect more then one person. A court card can also reflect strenght and weaknesses of the querent. Dependant of where the card appears…

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When the same tarot cards are showing up often

When the same tarot cards are showing up often, you are probably asking yourself why it is that this card is coming up every time. Often it means that there is a lesson in this card that you did not fully understood yet. Remember that this is not neccesarily a…

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