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How Does a Tarot Reading Work?

A short intro From 2004 I started my spiritual healing journey and came across many valuable healing methods. I started the website HealingMethods.net which was mainly a website with a lot of information on personal development and healing. I launched the website HealingTarot.Net in 2014 because the goal was to…

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What tarot can do for you and how tarot works

4 Insights On What Tarot Can Do For You & How Tarot Works

In this article you will read about the specialisms of HealingTarot.Net and what we focus on when you get a tarot reading. The first way to use tarot is for gaining insights on different areas of your life like: love, business and career. If you have a question about your…

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HandmadeHunt and all about our shop

You might have come across our own webshop. We also have an Etsy shop which is called Healing Tarot. In this interview with the founder and consciousness artist: Charis Félice, you will read more about the Healing Tarot on Etsy. Read the Interview (click on the picture below):   Handmadehunt.com…

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