Burning Questions to ask tarot

Burning Questions To Ask Tarot in 5 steps

Burning questions: you want the answer right now but they are sometimes difficult to formulate. What to do?

Did you ever asked someone burning questions and the answer wasn’t satisfying? It could be that the person didn’t know the right answer but often it is about the cooperation between 2 people. When your question is clear, there is more chance that someone could help you out.

This article informs you on how to formulate the right questions fast so you get detailed answers from your tarot reader.


1. What is the subject of your question?

Is your question about love, friendship, business or career? Choose one of these subjects and write your subject down. If you are not sure write 2 of these subjects down because we are going to filter a detailed question in the end.

Example 1 (Joan): “The subject is about my love relationship.”

Example 2 (Casey) : “The subject about is about being single.”

2. How to the subject affects you?

What happens within yourself when you think about this subject? Do you feel a particular emotion, for example: sadness, frustration, anger, confused, hopelessness, desperation, happiness, warmth, butterflies? Write down the emotion that is the strongest when it comes to this subject.

Example 1 (Joan): “I feel confused about my love relationship.”

Example 2 (Casey): “I am in love with someone and I am single.”

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3. Are there other party’s involved that affect the subject?

If your question is about your love relationship the other party is your partner. Ask yourself how they affect the subject in your point of view. If you are single and you worry about other people expect from you that you have a partner, your environment affects the subject.

Example 1 (Joan): “My partner doesn’t talk to me anymore and so I feel confused about my love relationship. I wonder if everything is still ok between us.”

Example 2 (Casey): “I am single and I don’t know if this is the right person for me.”

4. What are your doubts?

A tarot reading will give you insights and clarity on your situation. If you are already sure of your situation you wouldn’t ask the tarot for help. That is why it will help you to get a more detailed tarot reading if you be open about the statements you make that you are not sure about. Be open minded if the outcome is different then expected. This could help you to see your situation from another perspective.

Example 1 (Joan): “My partner doesn’t talk to me anymore. I am not sure but the reason could be because of an argument we had 2 weeks ago.”

Example 2 (Casey): “I am in love but I don’t know if they love me back”

5. Be openminded

The outcome isn’t always what you like to hear. The tarot reader is reading cards and based on this outcome you can find out what is in it for you. Connect with your emotions and be honest with yourself when the tarot reader didn’t tell what they like to hear. It is good to be honest to yourself so the tarot reader can be honest as well.  The tarot won’t tell you anything that you are not ready for.

Example 1 (Joan): Joans question was in the first place why her husband isn’t coming home anymore.  Do you already know the answer? Then you will probably hear the same answer from your tarot reader but their could be some more insight coming up that you are not aware of.

Example 2 (Casey): Because Casey doesn’t know if the other person loves them back. So asking the tarot how they feel about each other could be the right question for a tarot reading before they confront this personwith their own feelings.

Conclusion: Keep it simple and always take responsibility for you own life

So as you can see, keep it simple but give your question a direction. If you choose not to have a direction the tarot is giving you a direction. This direction will be translated by the tarot reader. Leave a comment below about what you think.


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